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    FINISHED EDITS : Abigail, Caroline, Pierre, Alex, Evelyn, George, Harvey


    As of 2/25: Collaborating with Rayleigh, Hannah, Ariane :)

    I feel that the vanilla game dialogues are well...repetitive and lacking of some oomph especially for some NPCs so I decided to make my own edits. I am now working with other wonderful people so this mod will hopefully get a "release" soon (not very soon but sooner than very late). The files I've uploaded are of course working already but it's not everyone yet so it's still WIP.

    This mod is like an enhanced vanilla. Everything is based on the vanilla. That's why there's not much "revealing" dialogues about their pasts or what not (It is my recommendation that you trigger events first before talking to them). I've added a pinch or so but not much else. I've seen some posts who are working on NPC dialogues with different background stories (can't wait for those!) so I didn't go for that path.. at least we'd have a pseudo-original.. X)

    As I said before I am not a writer so some came from whatever my brain came up from the data I got from the vanilla files and wikia, but most came from google quotes and articles. :D

    This is my first mod(Xnb edit?) so please be gentle :catface:. I'd appreciate feedback but please be precise so I'd know what exactly to change. I planned this for just my personal use (My plan was only for Sebastian actually..IDK what happened and I made Abigail's instead. lol) but then I thought why not share it and get some feedback. I wasn't too eager to share it this bare at first but if I'm going to upload the rest of the npcs I'm going to edit it's better if what I've done is already good enough for you guys. I've not tested it intensively and I'm not much of a writer and English isn't my first language so there might be grammar mistakes :cry:...and whatever errors. Also you might recognise some lines from quotes, lyrics and google search sheeps. Hehehe.

    I am going to continue working (for now anyway because I have free time but not sure yet??) because I want my Sebby <3 but thinking about dialogues suck me dry >< and it's a lot for me hahah. I was only planning to make flirty dialogues for 8 and 10 hearts and for some reason what I made was for every even hearts depending on the day of the week and season. Like whut. Geez, masochist much?!! :badpokerface:

    So anyhoo here goes my sweat~ hope you guys like it. :D Just paste it in the Content\Characters\Dialogue after unzipping

    What's in it

    :kitten: For Bachelor/ette/s [In total 140+ lines of dialogue; inclusive of default dialogue]

    - Rival mention [Trigger: 0/2/4 hearts, depending on season/day]
    - Inlaw_Rival [Trigger: 8 hearts, depending on season]
    - Community Center restoration acknowledgement [Trigger: 10 hearts, depending on season/day]
    - Heart event mention [*Better to view heart events first so you don't accidentally read a dialogue about it not that it's super detailed but eh, your choice haha]
    - Player concern [Trigger: 4/6 hearts]
    - Indirect flirt-ish [Trigger: 8 hearts]
    - Direct flirt-ish [Trigger: 10 hearts]
    - Related dialogue [Rare; Abby talks about Pumpkin, Caroline talks about Abby's Pumpkin..etc]
    - Consecutive dialogue [Rare; Abby talks about Pumpkin on Mon, Tue, Wed..etc]
    - Hobbies
    - Likes/Hates
    - etc....

    NOTE: 8/10 heart dialogues aren't racy but there's indirect hinting in some so it's more like a "use your imaginations" dialogue hahah (ie like the message you get after the TENT EVENT of E). Not a G rating...could be PG or PG-13? or maybe that's just me hahaha

    NOTE: Alex is 1/4 Spanish descent! (So I made him call his grandps Abu and Abue harhar, had to come up with something because his petname for you is Cariño) Alex is slightly off base like there'd be flirts already at 6 hearts or something. Nothing major. His storyline/events is very different from Abby's so, ehe. I never knew he was such a jackassssss but rest assured he has a 180 degree change~ well I hope I did him justice! He's my 2nd hubby!

    Sorry if you don't like it >> you can edit it back~~ it's easy to replace the names :D

    :kitten: For others [In total 50+ lines of dialogue; inclusive of default dialogue]
    - Community Center restoration acknowledgement [Trigger: 10 hearts, depending on season/day]
    - Dialogue change at certain heart levels depending on season/day
    - Related dialogue [Rare; Abby talks about Pumpkin, Caroline talks about Abby's Pumpkin..etc]
    - Consecutive dialogue [Rare; Abby talks about Pumpkin on Mon, Tue, Wed..etc]
    - Hobbies
    - Likes/Hates
    - etc....

    NOTE: And I thought Pierre and Caroline had lacking storyline..........Evelyn (is of Spanish descent hihihi well it's more like only in name usage. I'm not Spanish so I don't know what type of story to add...don't want to butcher it. [Suggestions are welcome]) and George were basically empty! Huhuhu. Had to scrunch up a lot of fiction. HAHA

    :kitten: Marriage Dialogue

    - Sweeter lines [More sugar and cheese]
    - Mentions from past dialogues [Rarer than cheese]
    - Pet names [Different per spouse]

    General: Love, Hon
    Abigail: Pumpkin
    Alex: Cariño
    Harvey: Hon-bun
    Sebastian: Pudding/Pudds
    Shane: Squish
    Elliott: Mon amour
    Hayley: Sweetkins
    Leah: Munchkins
    Penny: Sunshine
    Maru: Sweet pea

    Sample Photos
    Abby_winter_mon.png Alex_fall_wed.png Caroline_winter_sun.png Pierre_winter_sun.png

    I'm using DCburger's portraits <3

    What's not in it + Notes

    - Additional questions (Because I can't...huhuhuhu and I got lazy)
    - Location-based trigger (...sorry I'm too lazy for this)
    - Hardcore triggers (I'm only using the basic day and season changes...I did try to experiment hehe I had plans but sadly I can't get stuff to work so okay back to basic)
    - More Marriage Lines (I don't think it works the same as the normal dialogue?? I tried to add but it's not showing)
    - Alien dialogue (98% of dialogues are based on Default dialogue, Heart events, Personality, Wiki, Default background. The rest I added on my own but as much as possible tried to stay inside a zone. There won't be a dialogue that's out of this zone like Abigail = Into shopping, Alex = Maru personality ...etc.)


    >Can I read this in one playthrough? 140 seem to be a lot. It's just a waste.
    - - Um to be honest I haven't played my own mod yet! haha but if I think about it no? Unless you can control your heart level properly. The way the dialogue is set-up is that all seasons have a 0/2/4/6/8/10 heart dialogues that is triggered on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun...so unless you can stay at a heart level for a year then I don't think you'd be able to read all of it. Because if it's let's say Summer at 2 hearts then it becomes 4 hearts before Fall then you've missed the 0 and 2 hearts dialogue for Fall and Winter already. [​IMG]I guess 140 is a lot, lol but it's not a waste...maybe...at least if you divorce the npc, do a memory wipe and start over, you might encounter the dialogues you missed and it'll be like a diff/sim npc? aka The Vow (whoot)!!
    >When will you make XXX npc?!
    - No dates yet. I still have a life ><. Usually takes me 1-2 days/npc then another day for checking and another day for final. It depends also if I already have certain dialogues in my head. Abigail was easy because she had a lot of background I could tap in. Some don't have that...:( (If you want me to work faster give me suggestions and possible dialogue...)
    >Pet names...? Whaut.
    - I didn't change a lot of the marriage mods. Some lines maybe because it's a bit depressing. I just wanted it to be more "personal" that's why I added the pet names for each spouse so they won't all call you just honey/darling/dear....and tbh I don't like those terms HAHA. You can easily edit the names with find/replace. :D

    Future Plans (If I can...)

    Currently working on Harvey!
    Collabs working on others~~

    I'm trying to look into the YEAR related dialogues for Sam's family so if any of you guys know about it please guide me.


    You can edit it of course. :) Would be nice if you give me a copy too so I can merge it *wink* with acknowledgement. Please don't reupload this. :(

    Feedbacks + Suggestions

    Pretty please! :D
    It would make life faster if you have any SPECIFIC DIALOGUES, SPECIFIC TOPICS or okay maybe vague ones are okay too, that you want added in. I find it harder to come up with lines for the non-datable npcs that's why Caroline and Pierre only ended up with 50 lines hahahah they had so little background and personality ><"

    Let's see what else do I want to say? EEh. Will add more to this when I can think. I feel so dry. :fireball:

    YOU CAN Download file here YEY :D

    PS: Unpacked files also uploaded in case you just want to read or spoil it directly :D

    PPS: Sorry if I don't upload as a whole..since I haven't finished it yet it's better to have feedback for the ones I've already worked on so I don't make the same mistake for the rest. :D


    Thank you to @Kagurahime for letting me use her files. I borrowed some of her dialogues heheh. Slight changes to fit in my story. But yey. Was so hard to fill up some blanks!!
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      Looks nice! i really like it!
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      • LittleCaiCai

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        I love it! Abby has ended up my wife twice now, I adore her and am super excited to test out the new dialogue! <3
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        • joykiller91

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          2/19 UPDATE!!

          Uploaded Alexpack. Contains Alex, George, Evelyn. :D

          Compiled everything. I also edited Abigailpack for some dialogue mistakes, etc.
          Enjoy! :catsparkle:
          Updated my descriptions also~ hehe
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          • joykiller91

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            I will be putting up Harvey...hopefully soon still need around 14+ lines. HAHA.... I have not abandoned this if I don't shrivel up and wither first huhuhu.

            Comment or message me if you guys have any dialogues. Please X))) *desperate* *sweat*
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            • wutangraiseu

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              i love this mod, thank you very much, can't wait for more characters
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              • joykiller91

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                3/6 UPDATE!!

                Uploaded Harveypack. Edited Alexpack.:D

                Enjoy! :catsparkle:
                Won't be able to work on this for a while....but will be back ASAP.
                • Rachaelora

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                  sUPER interested in this, keep up the good work!
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                    damn...just what i need, kind of boring to just read the same lines year after year....
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                    • jacktamaki

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                      Thank you so much for your work on this!! I really appreciate it! I am currently pursuing Alex with your modded dialogue for my first play-through of this game ever! Definitely enjoying it. :)
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                      • potouto

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                        Thanks to this mod, Alex has ascended to papi rank. Thank you so much for Latino!Alex ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
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                        • tinkerbelljln

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                          Before I download this, I want it so bad, but can anyone tell me if it works with the new update?
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                          • KThxBye910

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                            Yeah, it works fine for me.
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                            • joykiller91

                              joykiller91 Astral Cartographer

                              Thanks for the support everybody!
                              There's some bugs with the marriage mod of Alex @potouto
                              And something from Abby's..

                              Sorry for the long delay >< We're just stomped by life. But as soon as we can we'll update. Thanks for the patience~
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                              • dare2smile

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                                How would one go about changing Alex/Evelyn/George's Hispanic-ness? I use the diversity mod for Alex, and he's Samoan, so using Abue/Abu/Carino doesn't really work with that. :(
                                • potouto

                                  potouto Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Ooh, I haven't married him yet since I want to experience a whole year with the new mod before anything, I'll wait for the update to marry then <3

                                  @dare2smile: You can use XNB extractor to get the files and then fix them using editor like Notepad++
                                  • dare2smile

                                    dare2smile Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Are those names the only references? Or would I have to read the entire thing? I like surprises in game. :)
                                    • jeeyrp

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                                      awesomee, thank you thank you thank youu, you've done a great job, me likey it :nuruflirt:
                                      • Ichimatsu

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                                        It's been ages since I last played. I hope this makes things more interesting!
                                        • sabrinatw

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                                          Just stumbled across your mod, and boy am I glad I did. Alex's new dialogue is spot on, I look even more forward to the daily interaction with him to see what's new - I clearly started my new save at just the right time!

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