Environmental/Lifeform Mutations (RE-POST)

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  1. Werty Loki

    Werty Loki Master Chief

    Environmental Mutations:
    As shown in many pictures, you are allowed/required to take samples from planets such as;
    • DNA
    • Plants
    • And Others
    My point is we should be allowed to combine these structures to make a new breed, or so called mutation, if we gain this power we can make lets say:- Two-headed Venus fly-trap; enabling it to chow down a living form twice.
    This also can be used for decoration like :- Making a Raisy (Rose and Daisy combined) this plant can be used for decorative purposes like decorating you spaceship and/or home planet, there are limits to where you may place this item; since it is a meadow/forest plant it can only be placed in a forest/meadow or something similar. As for the previous plant (The Two-Headed Venus Fly-Trap) it should be in an environment as of a swamp or something with relation. Various items can be mutated, the way we may mutate is by either a cryogenic laboratory, or from a scientist NPC.

    Lifeform Mutations:
    There are many animals to be seen on the release of StarBound so why not combine one with another?
    As you can do with plants we should be allowed to collect DNA from one specie and another and combine in a cryogenic laboratory, of course this new breed will be containable and you may ride/use it in any way you want or just a pet you may say. These animals MUST be in their natural habitat and or spaceship, if you combine a snow-like creature with a dessert-like creature then they may only be allowed to be in a dessert or a snow-like place, you may keep it in you spaceship as a pet, yet if put on a different environment it will over mutate and try to kill you. Of course you can tame a natural animal if you want but with mutation then possibilities are endless. Having mutated a specie has many advantages:
    • It automatically be-friends you
    • It can be used as a body guard
    • You may ride it as for traveling or for a different purpose
    • It provides additional help
    • It helps in battle
    • And it does every one of your commands

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