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    I am not exactly asking anyone to solve this problem for me, since it's kinda self-inflicted. But I'm wondering whether people have run into such issues before and perhaps managed to get a handle on them.

    The situation: Due to not wanting to lose a number of mods, I'm running SDV 1.3.36 + SMAPI 2.11.3. It's an unholy amalgamation of things that may never have been intended to run together but were goaded into doing so... Anyway, I'm starting to unlock the CC and getting a pet at the same time. Everything goes as usual up to getting the Wizard's letter and Marnie showing up with the critter in tow. But once I say yes and name the poor bugger, the lady goes "Well, little the farm..." and the game registers no pet, not even one named 'the farm' (which I certainly didn't do!). Similarly, Rasmodius unlocks his tower, but walking in just wipes the quest from the journal and does nothing to trigger the cutscene. And yes, I read the Junimo note at the CC (confirmed by looking at the save, where the 'seenJunimoNote' flag is set).

    I rectified the above by using console commands 'cat' and 'event', which put things back on track, but also seemed to make many (perhaps even all?) already seen events retrigger, including both custom and vanilla ones. I fear this may also affect future events, hence this post.

    I tracked the cat issue down to the Luck Skill mod v2.9.0, and also Stardew Newsfeed v2.9 and at least one more mod, but gave up then since I didn't want to lose the news.

    Rasmodius failed to trigger even when I removed almost all mods. I think the only ones I left active were Console Commands (for debugging), Paul the optometrist ('cause he's baked into the save), Content Patcher v1.9.1 (for Paul) and maybe the save backup mod.

    SMAPI logs display nothing relevant as far as I can tell.

    Edit: A completely unrelated question, but is there anywhere I can see a list of 'internal' monster names, like 'blue slime' instead of 'Frost Jelly'?

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