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  1. BlueSkyes

    BlueSkyes Star Wrangler

    I love Stardew Valley. I was obsessed when I first got it for my birthday, and stopped playing after a few months. Then I started playing again after a new update (1.3 Co-Op Update). But now, I'm starting to lose interest in Stardew Valley; it's all more of the same. I don't want to play the game just because of new things, I want to play it because the new things makes the gameplay last longer. :confused:

    So, I was hoping for some new additions:

    1) Events change on different years (It gets kind of boring looking at the same festivals and their setups :lod:)

    2) Certain events on certain years (For example, on year 3, your parent comes to visit you)

    3) Add more conflict; more action (e.g. New people coming to town or Joja Mart persistently staying :pfff:)

    4) Seasonal Characters (I know you can use mods for this, but new players don't necessarily know how to mod their game. If it is built into the game, players won't have to wait for mods to be updated when a new version comes out)

    5) Make the old events from the code; some people go into the game files and found old event dialogue (e.g. On the bus scene, it could really show how / why Joja Mart moves to SDV, or the ending event where you or your rival wins a SDV 'True Hero' award for helping the Valley come alive)

    6) Birthday event; everyone else has a birthday, but you? (You spend your days giving gifts to townspeople for their birthday, when they don't make a festival for your birthday? :party: )

    7) Add more locations; a change of scenery is always nice

    8) Different dialogue and events that would happen if you did something good / bad on your previous save (Undertale does that really well, they react differently to you if you have done something important enough to affect the rest of your saves)

    9) More options; for people who have a potato for a computer :seriously: (Such as more graphic settings)

    10) Add backstories; for people who want to know more about someone (e.g. Who were Shane's parents and what were they like? What did your grandpa do? Why are Emily and Haley's parents gone 'forever'? :iswydt:)

    Yes, I know, this is a lot to ask, and a lot of them are most likely impossible, but it would be nice if it was taken into consideration, wouldn't it?

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