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    Hello everyone! So I'm a computer science professor who does biological modeling and I have been brainstorming about the potential for awesomeness of adding more interesting biology to Stardew Valley for a while. There are a lot of directions that I could go, so I wanted to chat and get some feedback.

    The basic idea is that evolution is actually a really simple process and could be added in small ways to Stardew Valley. The first idea that came to mind was allowing the player to throw back fish and having the size of the fish evolve depending on what fish the player catches/throws back, the same as fisheries actually have to deal with.

    There is a lot that could be done with crops as well, and if anyone with one of the 'more crops' mods wants, we could come up with a way that the player has to unlock new crops based on evolution of current crops (like Seeds of Memory but better). Instead of it being random, it would be based on harvested crops having certain properties (like size), being put into the seed maker, and replanted with potential mutations.

    I will hopefully have a few students who will be working on the coding full time this summer, but it would be easier if we could work with a pre-existing mod (ie get it out faster). I don't have any sprite artists yet, so if anyone is willing to volunteer their sprites, that would be great too.

    So, thoughts?
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      This sounds like a really cool idea, though I have no idea how complex or hard it would be to create. I really like the crop idea, and I think with a bit of discussion with other modders / community members you could refine your ideas, and create a really cool mod. If you don't have much luck here, you might want to try posting your mod idea here: https://github.com/StardewModders/Modding-Ideas/issues, lots of modders go there looking for mod ideas. Good luck, and I hope you're able to create your mod :)
      • Digus

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        It's a really cool idea. But I do not have time to help.

        When Stardew was being developed, I remember suggesting a more advanced farming system, based on crops rotations and "symbiotic" relations between crops. Something like "if you have planted parsnips in the tile before, cauliflowers would work as if you had applied quality fertilizers." This way you could put fast growth fertilizer and get both effects for cauliflowers
        Other stuff could be, "if you plant potato next by 4 title radio to a tree(maybe a specific tree), it would retain water for 2 days."
        Of course it would require some research for which crops would benefit the other, I just gave some random example. But would still be a way to teach biology and farming.

        I still think on doing a "Advanced Farming Mod", but my focus are now on the Animal Husbandry Mod.
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          Awesome, thanks @Elrohir_of_Rivendell for the link to the github, I hadn't found that yet!

          @Digus, Oo I like those ideas too, especially since my research interest is in symbiotic relationships that can be mutualistic or parasitic depending on things like soil quality!

          @xangria wow 1) I am immediately downloading your mod, not sure how I hadn't found it before in my never-ending search for more content 2) I would love your help! While I'm experienced in traditional programming, figuring out how to access everything in such a giant software project is proving a bit intimidating :)
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