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    I think a way to help with farming is to make more items available at the Terramart, here's a few.

    Seeds and Saplings: I think crop seeds could be for sale, like Frogg Furnishing, there would be a daily rotation of what you can buy, the seeds could fit into certain categories. There could also be saplings used for Apples, Thorn Fruit, Alien Fruit, Mushrooms, and Kelp.

    Livestock Eggs: There could also be new Livestock creatures for your farm, here's a few.
    Floral Fluffalo - used to collect Living Roots, starts dark green, then turns pink when ready to harvest.
    Ghostly Fluffalo - used to collect Phase Matter, looks mysterious
    Mecha Fluffalo - used to collect Sticks of RAM
    Turtle Fluffalo - used to collect Hardened Carapice
    Mineral Hen - used to collect Coal, 1% chance of giving a diamond occasionally
    Skull Hen - used to collect Bones, is it living or dead?
    Clipcat - used to collect Sharpened Claws, it looks like a kitten, with a few extra pointy bits
    Squelchling - used to collect Raw Steaks, it's essentially a grotesque mass of flesh on legs
    Stringy Squelchling - used to collect Raw Bacon.
    Fishy Squelchling - used to collect Raw Fish.
    Feathered Squelchling - used to collect Raw Poultry.
    Emperor Squelchling - used to collect Raw Ribs.
    Rough Squelchling - used to collect Leather.

    I await your opinions, and feedback.
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  2. alextulinov

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    Agreed especially with the new animals

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