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    Imagine there being different kind of NPC factions you could join - think Fallout or the Elder Scrolls

    you could join Space Pirates, Other kinds of Thugs, Naturalists, Vigilantes, Zionists, Fascists etc. and within that Faction there could be different kind of ranks, rewards for doing certain faction specific missions, faction specific gear and potentially alliances with other factions.

    Since i didn't crawl through every suggestion, if there is no Clan/Guild system planned yet, let this count as a suggestion for that too.
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    1. You don't have to crawl through suggestions. Just search "Guild" and "Clan" and see what comes up.

    2. This doesn't really seem to be the right place for this suggestion? It could go in the Gameplay Mechanics section. It certainly wouldn't be an NPC suggestion, though.

    3. I'm actually neutral on this idea. It seems like one of those high-effort suggestions that would take a lot of time to get right, if the dev team wants to do it at all. I dunno. I won't be voting on this.

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