"Failed Experiments"

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    Since we're in SPPAAAAAAAAAAAA-
    There were definitely some experimental creatures being made.

    And I thought - remember the Jumper game series, where you played as Ogmo, who is an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy?

    Why not put Ogmo and other characters of the Ogmoverse in Starbound?
    But who is Ogmo, essentially?

    Ogmo was a failed military experiment at creating ultimate soldier from WW1, who escaped the lab later in ~2004.
    Then he met other failed experiments like him and blah blah blah. (I'd prefer you to go and play the games, they're free and they're awesome).

    I have no idea where and how the Ogmo could be met, but the last official game shows he crashed on an unknown planet that he henceforth called his homeplanet...Yea, where do you know that one from?

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