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  1. Lavranzo

    Lavranzo Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hey-ho! New thread for y'all to enjoy! I'm starting on a new writing adventure (while also continuing the others, no worries): I'm starting upon creating epos-poetry, which is, narratives in form of poetry (more or less - they often have heroic themes). Give me your thoughts - You know I appreciate them!

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    This one inspired by the legend of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne:

    The Song of Auenuár the Crestfallen

    On the border of the western lands,
    Forged in stone by Titan hands,
    Lies a small region, three strides from the sea,
    Its white mountain chains bonelike and pearly.

    Zephyreth, the realm of the wind-born.
    Where spires rise of marble horn,
    Ride the knights, with their winged helmets gleaming,
    Like torrents of war, through high tides streaming.

    One of them born by the very earth,
    Noblest knight of lowly birth,
    Cursed by his soul with a passionate heart,
    And cursed by his body to match the part.

    Strong, his blade, from mountain was wrought,
    Stone might bend, but he will not.
    His strikes fall swiftly, swift as the sparrow,
    Reaching his targets by horse or arrow.

    Above his brow, four love spots rising,
    Damned with charm, most enticing,
    His curse expressed in his marks of beauty,
    Those accursed moles that failed him his duty.

    Love is a virtue for common man,
    But twists of fate turned his hand,
    To take hold of his lover, and his knife,
    To steal from his lord, enrapture his wife.

    Exiled to the dark, riding no horse,
    Crying, hushed, tears of remorse.
    His honor in battle fails him never,
    its broken remains pain him forever.

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