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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hopoo, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. hopoo

    hopoo Risk of Rain Developer Developer

    No Audio Plays + Error Defining External Function
    1. Uninstall and reinstall Visual C++, included in the 'redist' folder or can be downloaded again at (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679)
    2. Restart your computer
    3. If running Windows 8, run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (right click -> Properties > Compatibility)
    'The file is being accessed by another process' or any other Windows error on startup
    • Make sure to run the game outside of Dropbox.
    • Disable anti-virus if it is interfering with the game folder
    When I host online, no one can join.
    In order to host a game online, you must have your ports forwarded. Guides for specific routers can be found at (http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/)
    I backed on Kickstarter/Paypal. How do I get the game?
    1. Go to https://www.humblebundle.com/store/keyresender and type in your email address
    2. Wait for Email
    3. Download the game from Humble Bundle
    4. Open it with WinRAR or 7-zip.
    5. Extract files into a folder and enjoy!
    I backed on Kickstarter/Paypal, but never received the game in the Humble store. Help?
    Shoot us an email at spacegame2012@gmail.com with as much info as possible (most importantly, your name and email that you signed up with.) Sometimes the process just doesn't work. Also please check with your bank to see if your payment actually went through; a lot of people had their cards bounce from Kickstarter!

    The game runs slow!
    While the minimum specs for the game is low, some graphics card dislike GameMaker's surface handling functions. See if disabling Pixel Perfect Scaling, lowering the graphics settings, and enabling frame skip reduces framerate issues.

    My game suddenly started dropping framerates when I unplugged my controller
    Because of limitations of GM, there are some issues with Direct where if you plug in a controller and then LATER unplug it, the game will run much, much slower. Sadly, this is a limitation we can't fix, so either:

    • Plug the controller back in
    • Restart the computer
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    • Naruku

      Naruku Space Hobo

      There's 2 folders in redist, 2008 and 2010 if I open them i see x64, and x86. Also if I go to Uninstall a Program, there is a lot of different Visual C++ with different years on the end of them like 2008, 2009 etc. I'm not sure which one to uninstall because I don't want to mess anything up. And this seems to be the only explanation for the problem but I don't even understand it D:
      • meow247

        meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

        you dont need to uninstall them. just leave it. it doesnt conflict with one another (i dont think)
        just install the latest version
        • Humanimal83

          Humanimal83 Space Hobo

          I want to export the save files to a new drive, where do they exist?
          Is it via Steam and doing a backup of games or can I manually copy them to my new drive?
          • DJFlare84

            DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

            If you go into "Program Files (x86 on some computers) > Steam > steamapps > common > Risk of Rain", you should find the save.ini file and it's backup file.

            Might also want to take the Prefs file with you.
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            • Lusid

              Lusid Pangalactic Porcupine

              There are a number of threads in the steam forum, and a few here i've seen about the FPS issues, but (and forgive me if i missed them) no word from the developers on anything else besides these two things. My friend cannot play the game at all, as his frames are not even reaching 30 and everything moves at half speed. Me and another friend connected to his multiplayer and it was rampant with warping enemies and them taking no damage. Also at the end, the teleporter countdown was finished for us but enemies kept spawning until the slower host's countdown had finished. Again, half speed.

              He has tried every suggestion we have seen from scouring both forums. Every combination of having the controller plugged in and not, and doing so after changing settings and restarting the computer, even reinstalling the game a few times. He claims after a fresh install it one time was at 60 and played normally, but upon exiting and reopening it went back to the unplayable < 30 frames. Is there anything else he can do? Are the developers looking into these issues? Would you like me to get his computer specs? Please help. I'd be very sad to hear "gamemaker just sucks on some machines, sorry" as a final excuse. And really question why it's still in use if that's the case.

              Update: He did another reinstall, removed the controller and restarted the computer, then reinstalled and played without ever plugging in a controller and it is running okay. I hope this is not the method required to play the game each time he plugs a controller into his computer. That'd be pretty poor.
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              • Voices297

                Voices297 Aquatic Astronaut

                Are we allowed to record and post videos to youtube of Risk of Rain?
                • meow247

                  meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

                  do you not read the FAQ?
                  • Voices297

                    Voices297 Aquatic Astronaut

                    Well this is the FAQ page on the forums which is the first place i saw it and figured this was a complete list.
                    • pahzao

                      pahzao Master Chief

                      So I'm have this same problem, I've been looking everywhere for an answer, have you and your friend found one?
                      I've posted my issue here: http://community.playstarbound.com/...-reports-for-risk-of-rain-1-0-2.32529/page-27 too but as of now, no solutions have come up.
                      • jniy2012

                        jniy2012 Space Hobo

                        I recently reformatted my computer and when I launched the game all my progress was gone. Can someone help.
                        • Ramond

                          Ramond Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Save files are stored on your local hard disk, so if you didn't make a backup of your files before formatting I'm afraid you'll have to start over.
                          Alternatively, you can try to manually restore your progress by editing the save.ini file yourself.
                          • Ixantir

                            Ixantir Ketchup Robot

                            anyone know which ports to forward for Risk of Rain?
                            • Stovepipes

                              Stovepipes Void-Bound Voyager

                              Default port is 11100, but you can change the port within the game's online co-op menu (I'm pretty sure)
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                              • alphagoku

                                alphagoku Void-Bound Voyager

                                sooooo quick question, i saw somewhere in here that there were plans for a ps console release, is that still in the works? or has the idea been scraped altogether?
                                • Active Link

                                  Active Link Master Astronaut

                                  It's still in the works, right now they're focused on getting the GM:S port to a state that they can release to us. Though, the port is also a step in making the PS versions.
                                  • alphagoku

                                    alphagoku Void-Bound Voyager

                                    forgive my ignorance, or maybe just a lapse in knowledge, on the matter, but GM:S?
                                    • meow247

                                      meow247 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      game make studio. the game is being ported from game maker 8.1. GM:S is a better and much more powerful engine
                                      • alphagoku

                                        alphagoku Void-Bound Voyager

                                        ok thanks, lapse in knowledge. silly me, but yeah, hopefully things will sort themselves out, preferably (for me at least) to my own selfish wishes :)
                                        • Crow of Ace

                                          Crow of Ace Space Hobo

                                          I have another Problem. My game crashes the moment I start it. I can see the process starts and instantly closes again

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