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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ObiWon1, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. ObiWon1

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    There is lots to specialize in as far as farming goes,
    you can be..
    a Bee Keeper
    a Winery
    Fruit Tree Farm
    Cow/Pig/Goat/Chicken/Duck/Rabbit Farmer
    and a..
    Monster Farmer?
    what about us farmers who want to farm more then your average corn or bean ;)
    i dont know about you, but i wouldnt mind farming more then slimes either!
    Dust Sprites would be really nice to farm coal, pack some coal together and BAM! no not a diamond, but a dist sprite !
    or maybe something a little more dangerous and profitable.
    collect the bones, go to the wizard instead of robin to construct the building, and he will raise the dead !
    kill them, collect more bones, sell them for money or grind them up for some high grade fertilizer
    or a grub farm for more bait, raise a little of all the buggers.

    **now this is not for everyone, but i think adding things like this gives the game more depth, which makes people feel like they are free to make it their own and play how they wish.
    whatcha think?
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    • Caudyr

      Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

      Dust sprites for coal, bugs (the normal kind, not the kind that fly out of the bounds) for bug meat, the little helmeted dudes that drop the light essences...and maybe one of the monster types that drops the dark essence.

      I didn't even know the skeletons DROPPED bones, though...I've never gotten one. =x

      Basically...give us a way to farm the other drops from monsters via the Slime Hutch.

      Maybe re-name the Slime Hutch and Slime Egg Incubator to "Monster Hutch" and "Monster Egg Incubator" respectively or something like that, and have upgrades that add more pits/stalls/whateveryouwannacallthem for each of the monsters, with the tougher ones obviously being more expensive (and it starting with the easier ones).

      Just a thought. :3
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      • ObiWon1

        ObiWon1 Space Hobo

        skeletons don't drop bones lol i just figured that would be the most beneficial item a one could drop :p
        i like the monster hutch though,
        i mean, if you can already have a dinosaur that lays eggs with your chickens in the coop, i dont think a monster hutch is too far off

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