RELEASED Farmer to Florist 1.2

Adds new flowers to the game and new things to do with them!

  1. Kildarien

    Kildarien Void-Bound Voyager

    By any chance, did you plant these melons before Farmer to Florist v1.2, then update to 1.2 while they were growing? The reason I ask is because modifying the data files only affects new crops (the old crops will still use the old data) while all crops (new and old) use the updated spritesheets, so this could partially be an issue of the old melons trying to use, say, crop sprite #60, which may have been removed or changed with the update, instead of sprite #71, causing you to have invisible (or otherwise weird-looking) crops.

    In other words: old crops will be wonky, and unfortunately there's not much I can do about that. If you update to the newest version of the mod, buy fresh seeds from Pierre's, plant them, and are still encountering problems with the new plants from the new seeds, let me know because it'll mean I messed something else up.
    • Feenie13

      Feenie13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Yeah, I did. I destroyed the plants and planted with fresh seeds, but the sprite still wasn't showing up right. The seed was showing up okay, but not the fully grown plant.
      • Kildarien

        Kildarien Void-Bound Voyager

        Alright. Thanks for testing this out! That means I messed something else up, so I'll dig through the mod over the coming days and see if I figure out where the problem is.
        • Feenie13

          Feenie13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Is it okay if I ask for the previous version of the MCM patch while I wait for the fix?
          • tinkerbelljln

            tinkerbelljln Pangalactic Porcupine

            The three new craftables won't show up? I have CJB Item Spawner and there's three blank spots (in the decoration section of all places) and if I hover over them it tells me they're there, but they're invisible when I put them down. Do they not show up in CJB Item Spawner? I've tried reinstalling it many times, and made sure there were no craftables in my SeasonalImmersion content pack, so I have no clue what could be causing this.

            EDIT 1: I should add that all the products show up, ie the soap and the perfume and tea. Just the Drying Rack, Perfumery, and Soap Maker are invisible.

            EDIT 2: They show up on the regular craftables, and when I craft it properly it shows up fine, so I suppose I don't have a problem, since even though I have the spawner, I like making things legit, only have it really for a hats mod and to decorate my house.
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            • SpringsSong

              SpringsSong Cosmic Narwhal


              Hiya! Loving this mod and the new flowers added since the first version, but I have a teensy little question o3o

              A new mod was published today called Custom Crops by spacechase0, which makes it easier to add new crops to the game, and make using multiple mods that add new crops (like this and the MCM) easier. Would you consider making your flowers available through this mod? If not, that's fine too~
              • eemie

                eemie Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                i second this
                • Floressa

                  Floressa Aquatic Astronaut

                  Yes me too! This would be wonderful!
                  • DragonDreads

                    DragonDreads Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Hi. I was hoping I could get a bit of help with the mod. I installed it as well as the required mods but when I went to play the game a SMAPI warning came up telling me that Shop Extender couldn't add the seeds to the shop because there was no value?

                    This is what the error log shows:

                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 841
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Crookneck Squash:868@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,spring')
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Fancy Sweet Tea:806@Pierre,1*999,'spring')
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Green Tea:801@Pierre,1*999,'!fall,!winter')
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Watermelon Seeds:863@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,spring')
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 826
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Collectible Tea Box:810@Pierre,1*999,'spring')
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 880
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 813
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Golden Hubbard Squash Seeds:871@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,summer')
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 816
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Fruit Splash Tea:803@Pierre,1*999,'summer')
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 819
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Sweet Lighting Pumpkin:874@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,fall')
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 877
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 822
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 825
                    [09:31:36 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Tea Bag Carton (Green):808@Pierre,1*999,'fall')
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 828
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 830
                    [09:31:36 ERROR Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value: 832

                    The Registered ones come from different mods.

                    EDIT: when I opened the config.json file I from the Shop Expander section of this mod most of the entries were blank between the quotation marks:

                    "Owner": "Pierre",
                    "Item": 828,
                    "Amount": 1,
                    "Conditions": ""

                    And second edit, even though I doubt the author is around anymore. I made perfume and tried to sell it, I couldn't even put it in the shipping bin.
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                    • tinkerbelljln

                      tinkerbelljln Pangalactic Porcupine

                      I'm so sad that the author seems to be MIA because I was really hoping they would make it compatible with the Custom Crops mod :( I don't know how this stuff works but maybe someone could convert them? I've seen some other conversions on Nexus.
                      • SpringsSong

                        SpringsSong Cosmic Narwhal

                        I've started my own conversion, but had been waiting for any indication that the author was going to give the all-clear, especially with some of the vanilla flowers still being edited. I was also waiting on an expansion to Custom Crops that would allow for even more additions, including trees and recipes (since none of those can exist outside of editing the vanilla files at this time-last I was around and not sick, it was successfully adding crops and cooking recipes).
                        • .Lavender.

                          .Lavender. Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          Making it compatible with Custom Crops is no problem, the problem is the other features and making it all work together. Looks like the new crafting machines should be fine since they use Custom Farming, however I really will miss the recipes and the bouquets.

                          I think the recipes *may* be fine? Using the XNB method, but I know that CustomCrops flips out and crashs if you touch the vanilla ObjectsInformation and Crops files which makes all the cool custom items added by this mod a no-go if using CustomCrops.
                          • xangria

                            xangria Subatomic Cosmonaut

                            There's been a discussion going on in the Stardew Modding Discord. Spacechase is creating a mod called JsonAssets to replace CustomCrops that will allow for custom items, recipes, etc. It's intended to be compatible with Custom Farming. So keep an eye out for that.
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                            • tinkerbelljln

                              tinkerbelljln Pangalactic Porcupine

                              I'm still hoping someone converts this for CustomCrops.
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                              • VoidEggs

                                VoidEggs Intergalactic Tourist

                                Would anyone know how to get the perfumery, drying rack, and soap maker to work, or if its supposed to take forever to process?

                                like @tinkerbelljln I initially had issues with the craftables showing up, being blank in CJB item-spawner, but with products visible.
                                I managed to fix that (I'm sorry that I cant quite remember how) but now I have been waiting almost/over an entire season without my machines having produced anything and I doubt it would take 5x longer than wine
                                (also when I look for them in CJB Item-spawner they are invisible again, but I can still craft them myself)

                                Happy to say that trees, flowers, and crafted flower pots are working and beautiful, all mod items list in the shops, but for some reason wheat doesn't exist anymore? Is that normal?

                                Edit: The craftables are being labeled as Decor, could that be why it wont produce? if so how do I go about changing it?

                                Thank you! I understand its probably a long shot getting an answer on this thread :fishbowl:
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                                • SpringsSong

                                  SpringsSong Cosmic Narwhal

                                  The Drying Rack, Perfumery, and Soap Maker have production times of 2000 (~1-2 days), 4000 (~2-3 days), and 6000 (~4 days) respectively. For comparison, vegetables in a keg have a production time of 6000 (approx. 4 days).

                                  They do produce. It just takes some time.

                                  As to them being invisible in the Item Spawner, I believe that is 100% a CustomFarming issue and should be brought to the attention of that mod's author. Otherwise, a workaround for that is to spawn the items via the item spawner, open your inventory, and move something--the items should become visible.

                                  EDIT: A CustomCrops port is on hold until Space releases the newer, more-encompassing successor to CustomCrops that will be able to handle crops, trees, recipes, and crafted items (machines will still be through CF, however)
                                  • VoidEggs

                                    VoidEggs Intergalactic Tourist

                                    @SpringsSong Thank you so much for your reply! I'll keep a closer eye on them and see if they produce something, but i was testing the production times before and all my kegs, preserve pots, and oil makers are next to the mod crafts and put one item in each craft to gauge timing and compare product value, but only my vanilla craftables pop anything out.

                                    I'll recheck all my mods and update what I can in the meantime. I have deactivated and reposted my crafts to see if maybe I had something installed that was conflicting. Still confused as to why they are labeled as decor but if thats not the issue than its not a big deal and Ill see if moving them around in my inventory makes them visible, thanks again!
                                    • xangria

                                      xangria Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    • SpringsSong

                                      SpringsSong Cosmic Narwhal

                                      The port's gonna take me a couple days more to polish; making it work with CustomFarming takes some additional work on the user's end at this point in time, and I want to be sure I have a very thorough tutorial written up.
                                      • Siphonophorae

                                        Siphonophorae Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I just started a new game with this mod on and I love it already! Man, I think it was already worth it just for the daffodils that look good and like actual daffodils.

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