RELEASED FarmHouseExtended (Updated 25/4) (Exploding Machines Fixed)(Interior Only)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Quick with fixes, you are.

    • Ghostly Fox

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      Thank you, I'll try this out as soon as I get the chance. As it stands, that should be tomorrow since it will be the first day in three weeks I haven't had to stare at tiny legal-print papers for hours on end. Hopefully.
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      • taintedwheat

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        for why?

        it's super hectic time for students too.

        although, i'm super inspired that i plan to take the gen ed/upper div in programing one (er, requirements, not my major) because i'm hella inspired from here

        doesn't that hurt your eyes too though, small print?
        • Ghostly Fox

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          The small print does hurt, makes me dizzy, and gives migraines just as readily as bright colors and bold patterns can, so I'm once again very grateful to you both for being so helpful and accommodating.

          The paperwork is mostly filing for disability because of medical issues.

          I do remember what this time of the year was like from when I was healthy enough to attend (which was really only three years ago, I think) and I would prefer try to run though a bikeathon with my eyes closed. It would probably be less painful than trying to attend college classes again. Especially Spanish for me.
          • DemProtatoes

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            I'm absolutely loving the mod, but does anyone know why my cat decides to sometimes walk around in the black areas of the house, ie behind the walls and where it is not supposed to be?
            • QuantumConcious

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              Yeah it is one of those anomalies that hinder the Farmhouse and Farmhouse map alone, it is a side effect of modding the farmhouse map. It can also happen in the vanilla game it is totally random, somemight say i always say that but uhhh it is true. Your cat will be fine it is probably chaseing mice in the wall cavities and will return the next day to it's normal meowing and running around like a madman or sleeping in the one spot all day. While being absoluely useless yet gorgeous at the sametime
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              • Perogrin

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                Hey there I just wanted to make a quick shout out and bring up a possible bug. I'm loving the mod even though I'm only on teir 1 this play-through. Can't wait to get to T2 and T3.

                Now the not so fun part. I think I may have possibly located bug involving The mini farm interior mod you created, and the AccessChestsAnywhere/ChestLabelSystem combo. And If this is warned somewhere in these forums I do apologize for the repeat post. I tried to read through the 43 pages, i did. Tried being the key word.

                I'm in Fall Y1 and this entire play through I have used your interior farmhouse mod. I haven't however really ventured into the basement more than once to check it out. Today I decided I would move all my chests/keg/preserve into the basement to free up space in the main farmhouse room and the front porch area outside. Worth mentioning at this point I have had zero issues with game in regard to any sort of crashes, only notice some small frame drops when i move through town or dense object areas quickly. I start loading my bags with chest items and start setting them up in the basement. Now i have 4 chests, 1 keg, 3 preserves in the basement. Went outside and hit the Keybind (:cool: for AccesschestAnywhere and then it crashes and i'm looking at my desktop. Never seen that before, shrugged it off, and started over. Same deal but different order of items being placed and where in the basement. Open a chest in the basement and I CTD. Take 3 I start trying to figure out what is happening. I could find no pattern. I tried Chests outside and basement only, Chests outside and main house only, Chests main house interior and basement, All chests Basement. These trials would sometimes lead to CTD, sometimes not. The only constant was the use of the AccessChestsAnywhere keybind when chests were in the basement. Every CTD involved chests in the basement.

                Just very odd. Like I said I do not know if it's the combination of the new, previously not available area of the farmhouse, and the AccessChestsAnywhere mod or what but those are the 2 mods that I was able to pin anything down on. I've tried replicating it several times, sometimes it replicates, sometimes it doesn't.

                Disclosure I use other mods which do the following-
                Anthro Characters (here on chuckle, WIP-updated when they finish a new villager. New sprite and portraits.)
                2 dialogue alterations to coincide with villager changes
                Hardcore_Mode_By_Kuktar (Slashes gold values of items, increase crafting recipe mats required, i.e chest req. 500 wood to craft)
                Nightmare's House Redesigned (Change outer house appearance)
                Chest Label System and AccessChestAnywhere
                CJB Automation
                Simple Sprinkler
                NPC Map Locations
                No Soil Decay

                I have a few more but it's things like animal reskins and such, nothing that would be involved with the farm or farmhouse at all.I apologize for the wall of text :rofl: I figure more information is better, and perhaps if anyone else has experienced this they could share their situation with me as well to possibly figure it all out.

                TLDR: I think some interaction between your farmhouse Mod and AccessChestsAnywhere may be causing seemingly random CTD's. Seems sporadic and not always able to reproduce because of random nature. Zero issues until today;never used the basement until today.
                • taintedwheat

                  taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                  Idk, man, if it's something with the AccessChestsAnywhere, it maybe because that mod isn't configured to read items coming from the basement (you might need to have the config edited for that mod to take items from dynamic maps ((the basement technically doesn't exist in the vanilla game, so that mod maybe reading that area as a place that does not exist)).
                  • Perogrin

                    Perogrin Void-Bound Voyager

                    Yea that's sort of what I assumed was happening. The game was trying to speak to something that essentially wasn't there. Sometimes it worked and connected to the farmhouse, sometimes not it seems. There is no config file that came with this particular mod though. Should I contact the person who made it and let them know this issue exists? Would they even be able to fix it?
                    • taintedwheat

                      taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                      Yeah, I would try bringing up the issue with him. Especially since there is so many maps out that provide mass storage. Kinda sucks if you cant utilize these spaces industrially because automation mods dont see it.
                      • QuantumConcious

                        QuantumConcious Phantasmal Quasar

                        Hmm i would not know why or how to go about making this work for you, as it seems due to the fact the automation mod is a API enabled mod and mine is not might be the issue. It also might be a fact that My farmhouse mod has expanded upon the known area that is the Normal Farmhouse and the Automation mod does not recognize the area as existing i am unsure. Alternatively it could just be a case that the Farmhouse is that eveloped in hidden code that can do and have some wierd effects at times that are not explainable and otherwise random as F@#$ and not always consistant. I was once told i was a brave man to take on the Farmhouse as it is a nightmare of biblical proportions with code and crap.

                        I have no plan as of yet nor the ability too or capability to make my mod API capable. Due to the Farmhouses nature with it's code i have been informed it is not yet possible to make FarmHouse Extended API compatible. So why this issue is happening and how to rectify it is anyones best guess, This mod has had some pretty wierd issues that had been resolved with simple yet unorthadox solutions that did not involve code change or scripting.

                        So i would not know why it is causing the ctd issue, maybe send the automation guy a pm and ask if my mod with it's extended area that is not normal/known by default by the game could be causing this issue and if he/she would have a solution.

                        Sorry i could not be more of a help but i am not a coder yet and would have no clue as to why it is happening or where to start to debug the issue
                        • Perogrin

                          Perogrin Void-Bound Voyager

                          Oh it's no problem whatsoever. I have seen a lot of people talking about having problems with Automation both here and on Nexus, however I think the issue may have actually been trying to Access chests in the basement or attic. I have stored preserves and kegs in the attic, but no chests, and since my last post I haven't had a single CTD. It very well could be the automation instead however. I think some of the crashes I experienced I had furnaces and such placed beside the chests in the basement. so I will try both tests now. One where I have just chests in attic/basement, and another where I have them in attic/basement but connected to machines for automation to kick in.

                          Thanks everyone for the feedback btw :) Happy Farming!
                          • Firstborn Dragon

                            Firstborn Dragon Void-Bound Voyager

                            Okay I've been using this mod, plus a desert and outside farm map editior mods, and I've gotten this weird bug the moment I hit my second Fall. I've been running it since my second spring, so it's not something that I can figure as I've been running all three mods simultaiously for 2 in game months no problem.

                            It seems that after I upgraded my house, the game forgets where my door is, and puts me in the door spot of the 1st level house when I wake up. Not sure what triggerd this as until the start of Fall I was waking up in bed as normal. Then the exact day after the Jellyfish festival this bug hit the first time. Game didn't save and I ended up in the wall. Relogged, and started that day again, made it to a new bug, as I'm supposedly in the 31st of Fall, despite having just had Fall start yesterday.

                            I'm not sure what's causing this bug as I've been playing for several hours with no conflicts with the mods I'm running, but it's getting annoying having to replay every day twice.
                            Here's an image of what's happend now first on Fall 1, then on Fall 2. [​IMG]
                            • taintedwheat

                              taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                              Its not this farmhouse map thats causing the problem its the desert map. Like if you read the posts on the thread. The author of that mod has been m.i.a.
                              • Firstborn Dragon

                                Firstborn Dragon Void-Bound Voyager

                                Ah, alright. I just found it weird as the bug litterally started 2+ months after putting these mods into play, and I've not been to the desert in some time. Thanks, I'll try removing it, see if it stops.
                                • taintedwheat

                                  taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                  Yeah...I am in a private message group with all of these map guys and that was like the last thing that was discussed. Yama hasnt been on in like 2 and a half weeks
                                  • AnimeGirl

                                    AnimeGirl Space Hobo

                                    where do you put the bathroom files? can someone assist me?:nuruneutral:
                                    • Inccubus

                                      Inccubus Star Wrangler

                                      The default bathroom files are in the right place along with the rest of the house files. THe other bathroom files should be swapped with the default ones if you want one of the other bathrooms instead.
                                      • Mystiana

                                        Mystiana Void-Bound Voyager

                                        First off, love your mod! I saw the smaller one first and instantly installed it and it was working perfectly...until I saw the larger slime cave version and decided to install that over the orig. (yes, previously saved game so that's probably why I have this one "error").

                                        Sorry if it has been mentioned before by others but I didn't see it while skimming the other 42 pages. Both on the starting house and the first expansion (I haven't expanded a second time yet), after entering the basement the ladder leading to the main floor is in a different position. The section of the wall with the ladder is missing and the ladder has moved to the section just north of its original position.


                                        I'm not sure if this is caused by overwriting the smaller mod, using a previously saved game, or perhaps a mod conflict. In all honestly it's not THAT big of a deal but I worry about it causing larger conflicts somehow. Any help / advice would be appreciated. If needed, I'll go through my mods and give you a list of them and try to get a screen capture of it.

                                        Also quick question, do you know if you mod conflicts at all with Spouse Rooms? I haven't installed it yet considering.

                                        Thank you.


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                                        • taintedwheat

                                          taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                          Yeah... the placement of the ladder changes slightly after upgrade. It doesn't damage anything or break your game. I would suggest moving things away from the ladders when upgrading, but its not a big deal.

                                          and no, it doesn't conflict with the spouse mod.
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