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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by xMel248, Mar 28, 2017.

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    I didn't really get into Slime ranching until one of my most recent saves, and now I'm quite fond of the lil slimes now that I have the Slime charmer ring. That got me thinking about the other monsters in the game.
    I realize that If i want this I could probably just go with the combat-style farm, but I like the idea of there being a time and a place for combat, and not having to be bombarded with it all the time. I just think it would be a cool idea.

    Dust sprites
    The set up could be similar to the slime hutch but with an Ice theme. This would be a good source for things like coal, coffee beans and whatever else they drop. Plus they are quite adorable with their chirping and bouncing.


    A sandcastle style hutch and a way to farm things like solar essence.

    Those are just a few ideas.
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    • Lilliput

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      Mummies are the animated corpses of former iridium miners. (There are even some translations of the plaques scattered around on the walls of Skull Dungeon that hint at this.) How would /you/ like your cursed afterlife to be trifled with by some farmer who just wants to lock you in a small sandbox and batter you until you cough up some solar essence? Let the poor mummies have their rest.
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      • Smallcorners

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        Breed dust sprites, release a ton of them in a mine layer and let them bounce everything into rock for you, instead of using a bomb.

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