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Bug/Issue Farming Skill is read only as either 0 or 10 (Except partially on Basic/Quality Fertilizer)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Xenonex, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Xenonex

    Xenonex Void-Bound Voyager

    UPDATE #2: The issue seems to be instead that the game considers you to have either Farming Level 10, or Farming Level 0, with nothing in between. More details here.

    The issue is that eating a + Farming Skill food (UPDATE: At Farming Level 10)before harvesting crops yields the exact same harvest of normal/silver/gold crops as without food. This is in contrast to the + Foraging Skill foods, which provide a significant, measurable increase to the quality of foraged items (both on & off your farm), and the amount of wood dropped from chopped trees.

    I confirmed this to be the case through tests involving multiple character files, harvesting several thousand crops/forageables/trees over the course of testing out different potential variables. The details of the tests can be found in this thread, and if necessary I can post the raw data. UPDATE: After some more testing involving different fertilizers, it seems that + Farming Skill foods can have an effect, but only when used with Basic/Quality Fertilizer, and even then, only roughly half of the expected effect. More details here.

    As an aside, I'd like to add that I would really appreciate it if there was a list or explanation available somewhere of what the various Skills do, since the both the game itself & the wiki provide very little information on them, and the forums & subreddit are full of rumors, conflicting claims, and misinformation. Currently, this makes it much more difficult to determine if a particular feature is bugged/broken, or whether in-game behavior is intended or bugged, since I am not sure what the intended behavior is when it comes to Skills.

    For example:
    All Skills:
    Each level reduces associated tool energy use by 0.1 per use (to my knowledge, this is the only effect explained in-game)
    Buffs from + Skill foods can temporarily push the Skill past effective Level 10 (+ Farming Skill foods currently bugged) [Confirmed in my tests]

    Each level improves the chances to harvest silver/gold quality crops [Confirmed in my tests]
    ???Each level may increase the chance to get premium or silver/gold animal products?? [Unconfirmed]
    ???Other effects???

    Each level improves the chances to harvest silver/gold quality forageables [Confirmed in my tests]
    Each level increases the amount of wood dropped from chopped trees [Confirmed in my tests]
    Every 4 levels increases the # of berries from berry bushes by 1, up to 4 berries per bush with effective level 12 (obtainable by eating + Foraging food) [Confirmed in my tests]
    ???Other effects???


    Every even level increases your maximum casting distance by 1
    ???Each level may increase the chance to catch silver/gold quality fish??? [Unconfirmed]
    ???Each level may increase the size of the green fishing bar??? [Unconfirmed]
    ???Each level may reduce speed / amount that fish "thrash about" whole catching??? [Unconfirmed]
    ???Other effects???


    ???Each level may increase the chance find ore/coal/geodes when mining rocks??? [Unconfirmed]
    ???Other effects???


    Each level increases your maximum HP by 5
    ???Other effects???

    Of course, ideally I'd love it if the game mentioned what these Skills do in-game with something like a tooltip, "Living off the Land" episode, or Library book, etc. E.G.:
    "The higher your Foraging Skill, the more high-quality forageables you will harvest, and the more wood trees will drop! Try eating a + Foraging boosting food before foraging and felling trees!"
    I'm still partway through the game, but as far as I know, all it tells you about is the reduced energy use with tools part, and a vague mention that eating the right food is necessary to catching Legendary fish.
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    • Xenonex

      Xenonex Void-Bound Voyager

      Interesting update: After some more testing involving different fertilizers, it seems that + Farming Skill foods can have an effect, but only when used with Basic/Quality Fertilizer, and even then, only roughly half of the expected effect. Explanation below.

      Reddit user /u/rabidcow found the formula for crop quality to be:

      For other crops: gold = 20% * farming / 10 + 20% * fertilizer bonus * (farming + 2) / 12 + 1% and silver = the remaining percent * (twice the percent change of gold to a maximum of 75%)

      I had worked out empirically that the fertilizer bonus for Quality Fertilizer is 2, and the fertilizer bonus for Basic Fertilizer is 1, when it comes to plugging in values for that formula. It seems that the first "farming skill" variable in the formula is bugged to not take food buffs into account, but the second 'farming skill" variable within the "fertilizer bonus" section is working and takes food buffs into account. Working out the formula while always keeping the first "farming" variable at 10, but changing the second variable to 13 when using a +3 farming buff, it matches perfectly with my test results.

      So even when using Basic/Quality Fertilizer, you are only getting part of the expected boost from the +3 Farming buff. E.G. with my 277 Peppers on Basic Fertilizer at Farming Level 10, I get 40.9% golds with no buffs and 47.3% golds with a +3 Farming buff. Plugging in the formula with all the "proper" values predicts 41% golds with no buffs and 52% golds with a +3 Farming buff. However, plugging in "10" for the first "farming" variable and "13" for the second, it predicts 46% golds, which is essentially what I got.

      Also, I did more tests with 268 Strawberries on Quality Fertilizer, and once more my results match the prediction of the formula if you only apply the buff the second "farming" variable. In this case, I get 60% golds with no buffs and 70.5% golds with a +3 buff, while the "correct" formula predicts 61% golds with no buffs and 77% golds with a + 3 buff. Only a "modified" formula where the +3 farming buff is only applied to the second variable predicts a matching 71% golds.

      So in summary, + Farming Skill food buffs have no effect, unless you are using Basic/Quality Fertilizer, in which case you still only get roughly half of the intended effect.
      • Xenonex

        Xenonex Void-Bound Voyager

        More updates! So it turns out this issue is a much bigger problem than I initially thought. After it was pointed out in the code on the subreddit by /u/rabidcow, I confirmed through several tests on multiple characters that outside of the partial benefit from Basic/Quality Fertilizer, the game either considers you to be at Farming Level 10, or Farming Level 0, with no other possible values. Apparently this is due to the first division in the previously mentioned quality formula being calculated as integral division, or something?

        Just to clarify, this means that when you are at Farming Level 0, or 1, or 2, up to level 9, you get no benefit from your Farming Level, and all your crops will always be 97% regular, 2% silver, and 1% gold. When you hit farming Level 10, suddenly your crops jump to 46% regular, 33% silver, and 21% gold. And then using buffs to go beyond Farming Level 10, the game still only considers you being at Farming Level 10. So outside of fertilizers, these are the only two quality chances for crops used by the game.

        Using Basic or Quality Fertilizer complicate this slightly, since the separate fertilizer boost amount does still get the intended benefit from your Farming Skill. This actually makes Basic (or Quality) Fertilizer much more useful in comparison to no fertilizer at Farming Levels below 10 than they would be normally, since they still partially take your Farming Skill into account. For example, at Farming level 5, without fertilizers you currently still only get 1% golds. However with Basic Fertilizer, you currently get 12.7% golds, and Quality Fertilizer gives you 24.3% golds. If everything were working as intended, however, it would be 11% golds with no fertilizer, 22.7% golds with Basic, and 34.3% golds with Quality.

        This also means that if you are at Farming Skill Levels 7, 8, or 9, eating + Farming Skill foods to reach Level 10 can have a HUGE impact. For example, in my test with 263 Radishes with no fertilizer, at Farming Skill Level 8 I get 97% regulars, 2.7% silvers, and 0.4% golds. However, with a +2 Farming Skill buff to reach Level 10, I instead get 45.6% regulars, 33.5% silvers, and 20.9% golds!

        At this point, with the nature of this bug being so much broader in scope than I first thought, should I re-submit this as a separate issue?
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