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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Orphail, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Orphail

    Orphail Space Hobo

    I thoroughly enjoy the editor, but there are a few things that I really need to be able to make the most of my maps:

    • Moving units: I require the ability to make a unit able to teleport or move to certain spaces if certain conditions are met. The only way I've found to do this is wonky, which is to make a spot remove the unit and spawn it somewhere else. Not a great workaround and requires a lot more triggers.

    • AI objectives: I require the ability to make the AI want to move to specific locations, capture specific bases, or kill specific units. The lack of this means that the AI only ever wants your HQ, killing the commander, or in the absence of those: the total annihilation of your team. It makes it near impossible to make maps with specific objectives that the enemy AI would want to complete.

    • Terrain transformation: I require the ability to change the map terrain if certain conditions are met! I want to be able to lower bridges, make it so players could burn down forests with Dragons, Cause oceans to move inland, etc.

    • Random chance conditions: I require the ability to have things randomly occur at various set percentages. This would make the maps have a lot more replayability if certain things could randomly occur at various stages of the map.

    • Question actions: I require the ability to pose a question to players that can be answered to set off triggers. This would allow SO MUCH variety into scenario maps and campaigns. I realize that people have made workarounds to this by having players move to certain spots of the map, but that is inelegant and takes far more time.

    Having these abilities in the creator would allow the community to make far more in-depth maps and greatly increase the lifespan of the game (as the more detail a player can put into their creations, the longer they are likely to continue playing...and the more detailed maps people can make, the more other players will want to play them). Please consider these suggestions and let me know your thoughts!
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    • TMII

      TMII Tentacle Wrangler

      Totaly agree to 100%! I raised the same points.

      On top of that:

      - I would like to be able to make a flag or a counter to be player specific in order to reuse triggers for multiple players that use player specific flags/counters.
      > "If player-flag 'hello world' is set [x] for 'current player'"

      - It would be also very nice to be able to use flags and triggers as variables in actions.
      > "Set Gold to 'GoldCounter' for 'Current Player'"
      • Orphail

        Orphail Space Hobo

        Couldn't you accomplish the first by creating multiple flags or counters for each player?
        • TMII

          TMII Tentacle Wrangler

          But then you would still have to rewrite the same triggers over and over again for every Player.
          Let's say you want to create a coop game with the ability to "Level Up", you would have to write the Level up trigger logic for every Player but with a different counter/flag. And right now we are not able top copy-paste triggers.
          Which is another Point:

          - Copy Pasting of trigger, conditions and Actions. :)

          and while I am here :p

          - Displaying Flag/Counter values to the user somehow. Like being able to use them in a "Menu: Display Text"
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