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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yavor, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Dear Chucklefish and Community,

    I am writing to show my first impressions of the AI.

    The AI is very good and enjoyable in most of the cases. It is indeed very, very fun (meaning hard enough)! Kudos to the coders! It does make some certain mistakes, which makes it a lot more bearable, however I suspect that these mistakes were made intentionally (by CF) for the means of player satisfaction and pleasure.

    I have noticed that the tactic “bait and stalk” is one of the most effective tools in dealing with it. With the help of a single soldier, you may achieve advantage easily, and eventually take down a rather strong unit. The AI tends to take the bait, ultimately disturbing its own tactical formation (I mean the idea it had, when it placed its units, the former turn), and losing one of its expensive units. I don’t know which type of AI behavior (aggressive, defensive, etc.) is available at which mission, I just speak of my general impressions.

    Basically a patient player has a bit more advantage against the AI, however this will come at the cost of stars, as the turns taken are one of the top measures of success. Or at least this is just my impression. The AI is very, very careful when placing (and moving) the units, turn by turn, which is very good. It can give a headache to a player, who does not follow the unit ranges, both friendly and enemy. However it does prefer attacking buildings, usually at the cost of his own strong units. As much as I can agree that crippling the enemy economy is a vital point, I do believe that this rule should have exceptions in the AI behavior. (and buildings heal quickly enough)

    Chucklefish, I know that programming AI is a nuisance, and that is why I am saying that you have done a very good job! It is enjoyable, challenging and fun and reasonably fair and (sometimes) easy to deal with. It still has room for improvement, and that is why I am thrilled at the idea of further updates, and even long term DLC (You promised! :) ). I am sure that you are going to give us quality, as usual!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful work and efforts!

    I hope to see you on the battlefield, one day!

    Kind Regards!

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      Totally agree with all your points! This is exactly how I feel.

      One thing I was wondering was if the AI's probability of making a mistake might be added as a difficulty measure rather than income/damage/groove charge.

      That or if different factions/commanders had different play styles - that would be really cool.
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