FFS its been years, can we get a new char interaction key

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by joulesbeef, Jul 7, 2019.

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    OR at least quit making them jump in front of every damn box you want to open.

    "oh you dont need me any more, ill just walk away then"

    "i was just trying to open a damn door"

    and speaking of doors.. WTF is up with NPCs, did you just program them to annoy? do you have a modern hitler working for you but instead of genocide they just want to piss off as many people as possible?

    why does the stupid cat have to get in front of the starship chair, and despite i can see the chair.. i cant click on it, until the non interactive cat chooses to move. WTF .. this is years old as well.

    wtf do my NPCs constantly shut the doors i open to walk through, often before i can even walk through.

    why do they have to jump in front of every single actionable item and just sit there waiting for you to misclick and dismiss.

    but seriously FFS change the damn interaction key people have been complaining for years.. its annoying as all hell. Its even more annoying than yalls micro fonts and tiny UI made for ants.

    FFS yall have a great game here, if yall just take out a couple of the most annoying things in the universe.

    yeah every game has things like this but yalls game takes the cake and blasts it to another galaxy... the annoyances in your game seem purposeful.. especially our npc ally movement. Never seen a game where they were programmed more annoyingly, it has to be a troll. It has to be a joke, because no self respecting programmer would leave the game in the state it is.
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