Fight Safe: Elemental Shields Suggestion

Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by alexACE, May 21, 2017.

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    A nifty idea I picked up while playing Phantasy Star Portable: A lot of players are requesting more aggressive uses for the shields in the game, why not give Shields elemental alignments? When you execute a "perfect block" you damage your opponent based on the shield strength rating.

    Elemental Shields:
    Fire - perfect blocks will cause explosions that damage and set enemies on fire
    Electric - perfect blocks release a taser like shock that damages and pushes enemies back
    Ice - Perfect blocks will freeze non-boss enemies in place for a second
    Poison - Perfect blocks will damage and poison targets.

    Effect concepts for Premade shields:
    Floran Shield - Perfect blocks will release razor sharp leaves from the shield
    Eye Shield - Perfect blocks will petrify attackers (basically an Ice shield, just looks cooler)
    Mushroom Shield - Perfect blocks will release toxic spores from the target
    Seashell Shield - Perfect blocks will push back enemies with a torrent of water
    Riot Shield - A perfect block will give you several additional seconds of "perfect block" time.
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    The Eye Shield should rather make the Player deal bonus damage for a short while after blocking, as if it made the Player "see" the enemy's "weak points".
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