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    These are a few of my thoughts, based on the reveal trailer.
    First, and there's no way I wouldn't be mentioning this, I think the art style is absolutely gorgeous. I love the attention to detail, and the animation looks very nice as well. No doubt, this game will be solid on the visuals.
    Other than how pretty it looks, there's not a whole lot to go off of, but from what I can tell, the gameplay seems pretty solid. I'm a fan of the blend of action/adventure and puzzles that this game seems to have with its inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, which happens to be my favorite video game franchise of all time.
    Also, I'll mention the trailer music, which was pretty awesome. Can't wait to hear more of the soundtrack.
    Finally, there's characters/story. After seeing what there is to see so far, I want to know more about these characters and learn more about the world. Also, the sushi gag was perfect. (The Fish made me Chuckle... wait a second--)
    Joking aside, I have to say, just from the reveal trailer I'm already sold on this game. It's great that Chucklefish is supporting Pixpil with Eastward; with upcoming games like Wargroove and Witchbrook, it only adds to the excitement. All in all, I only seem to have positive things to say, that must've been a pretty incredible reveal trailer :p. Keep up the good work!

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