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Bug/Issue Fish Price Bug when applying Fisher perk

Discussion in 'Support' started by AChocolateMouse, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. AChocolateMouse

    AChocolateMouse Space Hobo

    So I started a new game recently from a day one file started a month or two ago. Things seemed normal. I got a rainy day and decided to spend 90% of it fishing, mostly on a bubble spot and so I caught a LOT of fish. I got home, and knew I needed to keep a single shad for my bundles so I shipped the rest individually. I shipped the smallmouth bass and bream in bulk. I also had a catfish in my inventory but did not ship it. After I planted some seeds and slept.

    After that, I received a level in fishing and took Fisher.
    Then I saw, well, these shipping numbers seemed a little incorrect to me?

    Other items shipped at the same time; three gold star spring onions, two blue jazz, one silver star blue jazz.

    So I checked and the numbers listed on the first screen are normal prices but when I click on the fish expansion it shows the fisher perk prices instead.
    Ultimately the game rewarded me the lower number of 2068 when the next day loaded. But it really threw me off when I went to try to see how much those fish were worth individually to get an idea of what I was getting per fish. Hardly game breaking but it's still probably not supposed to be that way.

    Single player, PC Windows 10. I updated last week. I run the game through GOG.
    I may try to replicate later and update but I don't really wanna spend the time getting through another 10 days to get the fisher perk again and test it.

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