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Discussion in 'Mac / Linux Bug Reports' started by B0undarybreaker, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. B0undarybreaker

    B0undarybreaker Orbital Explorer

    I'm at the fishing contest at the Winter ice festival, and accidentally sent out my line in the wrong direction. Then this happened:
    I'm frozen in place and can't even open the menu. Luckily it seems to have fixed itself after the competition ended, but it looks like Willy's winning this year.
    I'm playing using a Steam controller, so that might have something to do with it too.
    • lamakipu

      lamakipu Space Hobo

      I have encountered the same issue. I tried to restart the day twice to see if it was an error of position (maybe the fish rode was stuck under the ice, I don't know :) ). It is stuck instantly after I throw the rode.
      • Kurachi84

        Kurachi84 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        for people in the future, i'll answer this question here, so people will see it when (and if) they search the forums
        from the wiki:

        • After initiating the fishing contest through Lewis, a player who moves directly to the rightmost accessible fishing spot and instantly casts a line too far for the fishing hole, will then be stuck in a state that looks like a combination of pulling on the rod and standing idly forward. Once begun, the bug holds the player in a state where no buttons can be pressed, and no fish will bite a "line" that was cast, rendering the event mini-game unplayable. After two minutes, the contest ends and play continues normally as if the player caught no fish.
          • It's also possible to trigger this bug after a few casts rather than immediately, but it's not clear what exact circumstances trigger it (other than requiring the cast to be too far to hit the hole).
        • A player who holds down a directional control while the fishing contest starts will not be provided with a fishing rod but will continue to be able to talk to the villagers, who all have the same dialogue as they do before the contest begins.

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