RELEASED Fishing difficulties, Megathread

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    So there are quite a few of fishing difficulties that have been made, it would be easier to put them all together in here. If others wish to have there fishing mod posted on here feel free to shoot me a message, I tought it would be easier to just have them all be displayed on 1 topic so everyone can choose what they want.


    Super Easier Fishing download - Not advised, Only if you can't do it with easier fishing mod already enabled:


    Easier fishing - Still gives you a challenge but makes it easier.


    Mediumer Fishing - This makes fishing easier than it is right now but still gives you a good challenge.


    Harder Fishing - This makes fishing harder than what it is right now.

    How to install these mods:

    Be sure to backup your files before attempting to mod it for secuirity
    1. Download the file.
    2. Go into your stardew valley folder.
    3. Go into the content folder
    4. Go into the data folder.
    5. Make a copy (for secuirity if something goes wrong) of the fish.xnb folder that is located in the data folder
    6. Replace the fish.nxb with the fish.nxb you downloaded.
    7. It should be easier now to fish, Restart the game.

    So you should have something like this path: C:\Program Files(x86\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Data

    Video turtorial:
    Or check out this turtorial by BubblsLP, Don't forget to give to give her a like on the video ^^, She deserves it.

    Backup savefile of fish.xnb - if you removed it by accident and wish to return it to normal fish

    If anyone would wish their mod to be added to this list feel free to give me a message.

    Problems you might encounter

    Known problems :

    -Game crashes -
    You misplaced your Fish.xnb file.

    Possible problems (getting tested) :

    -Fall Fair -
    Fishing minigame might not work. Just replace the fish.xnb file back to the original for that fair or don't fish.

    If you are having any problems feel free to add me on steam, I really don't mind and will help you out ^^

    Checkout This video out By Radedo, It shows you the diffrences between the fishing mods
    (at 0:40) Don't forget to give to give him a like on the video ^^, He deserves it.

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    • tataezakab

      tataezakab Space Hobo

      waiting for Mediumer Fishing
      change easy a little bit for gives a good challenge.
      • huligan

        huligan Seal Broken

        Fix a little only boss it's too hard
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        • joehara23

          joehara23 Space Hobo

          still waiting for mediumer fishing but hey ill upload an original file of fish.xnb
          • joehara23

            joehara23 Space Hobo

          • Pingulrik

            Pingulrik Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          • Concerned Gorilla

            Concerned Gorilla Astral Cartographer

            Damn good I want the harder fishing mod I was kinda disappointed how easy is the fishing mini game this game had no trouble at legendary fishes in year 1 just a damn grind in fishing in spring i got the iridium rod by 24th of spring fishing went smooth caught all the legendary fish using Dish o' the sea by the 2nd year caught off that The Legend fishy
            • Concerned Gorilla

              Concerned Gorilla Astral Cartographer

              lol at this let me give you an advice make sure u have iridium rod and do not I repeat do not waste your time with a catch that the fish moves too fast this goes same with the boss fishes if you manage to hook them and they move so fast just let it go why u ask? I will increase your chance for it to go laidback the 2nd, 3rd, and so forth time when you try to catch them also before going for boss fishes make sure your at least lvl 8 at fishing and is eating dish of the sea or trout soup, I caught all them easy with this method , no mods just pure practice..
              My advise is not to button smash your mouse- learn to use "timed-released" wherein you press your mouse and hold it in release only when the fish moves up and down
              • Davrial

                Davrial Big Damn Hero

                Dude I think you were getting lucky with the fish movement. I'm really good at the fishing, got myself to max level, iridium rod, Dish of the Sea consumed, heck I even put on a cork bobber to make the fishing area bigger. None of that mattered. The first legendary fish I went after (am still going after) kept moving too fast for the bobber's area to keep up with, even though I was reacting fast enough. The fish was zipping from top to bottom repeatedly, and no matter how good you are, you cant keep up with that due to the rate at which the bobber moves.

                The fish has a pattern, but it's still semi-random. You must just have been getting lucky with its movement patterns, because skill doesnt mean a lick if the bobber isnt able to keep up with how fast the fish is moving back and forth, even with the largest possible fishing area.

                That's why I came looking for a mod to adjust it. I'd like medium fishing, not easy fishing, but I guess I'm going to have to go with easy for a moment. Even the most difficult non-legendary fish arent a problem for me anymore. I can do them half asleep. Even pike and the like. But the legendary fish (the winter one is the one I am going after) is literally impossible for me to catch because I keep having consistent bad luck with its movement "patterns".

                So good on you for being able to catch all of them just fine, but I'm telling you, skill is not the whole equation. You are very skilled indeed, but you also got lucky. With the legendary fish, you shouldn't have to get lucky, it should be entirely skill. That's why I want Medium Fishing. Not because I'm not skilled, but because my luck is absolutely terrible. I just want to make luck stop being a factor.
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                • Concerned Gorilla

                  Concerned Gorilla Astral Cartographer

                  That's a good point sir but I recommend not using the cork bobber.. I didn't use that method since it just add a little extra to the bar I used the trap bobber since it will make the drop chance for a catch to be slower when you can't keep the fish within the bar also try catching legendary fish while raining i did experiment Idk if I got lucky but during rainy days catching them was easy except the last Legend fish
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                  • steffjes

                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                    Been bussy lately, Medium fishing will be released tomorrow.
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                    • Concerned Gorilla

                      Concerned Gorilla Astral Cartographer

                      guys if you have trouble catching legendary fishes you can share your savefile so I can share how to catch them by making a video I particularly loved the legendary fishes so sad you can only catch them once so if youu guys hava a save file that wants to catch the legendary fishes just let me know:fishbowl:
                      • Skydruid

                        Skydruid Aquatic Astronaut

                        I would love a normal difficulty fishing but with infinite tackle durability. That is one of the more annoying things of fishing, losing tackle over fishing things like seaweed and algae, when it should be used on actual catches.
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                        • Concerned Gorilla

                          Concerned Gorilla Astral Cartographer

                          it's fine though i just buy at willy's shop hahaha
                          • Sliider

                            Sliider Intergalactic Tourist

                            Fishing is extremely difficult in this game, but im jsut starting out too. Does anyone else agree here? i think the fishing is like stupid hard, in fact. Or is it just me? anyone have any tips... perhaps a strategy for reeling them in using a mouse? because that bar just bounces all over the place when i attempt to reel one in. ive tried clicking fast, holding button down, steady clicks with longer pauses.... no matter what i try its nothing but fail after fail. like i said, its just stupid hard. the mechanic needs to be re-evaluated by the creator imo. not interested in mods....yet. and ty.
                            • steffjes

                              steffjes Big Damn Hero

                              Medium fishing delayed a day..
                              I promise it will be here tomorrow..

                              I hope..
                              • Dreamliss

                                Dreamliss Void-Bound Voyager

                                I'm so excited to try easier fishing! Thanks for making these!!
                                • huligan

                                  huligan Seal Broken

                                  i waiting for medium fishing
                                  • steffjes

                                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

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                                  • steffjes

                                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                    I love how i always say make a backup..
                                    gg , I kinda used my backup for coding....
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