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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jezuitx, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. jezuitx

    jezuitx Pangalactic Porcupine

    I know most of it is the bamboo pole, but my god I suck at fishing. I've watched a few streamers fish and keep trying myself with poor results. So what's the deal?

    Should I be using a controller? Keep the green bar over the fish? Behind it? Any tips you have I'm open to them.
    • Kab00mBaby

      Kab00mBaby Pangalactic Porcupine

      It all comes down to training!!
      I sucked hard too, but after a couple of dozen tried I got the hang of it.
      I use fast klicking to get the bar "hovering" and then always try to keep the fish in the middle ofc.
      DONT GIVE UP MY FRIEND! You can do it :D
      • Digus

        Digus Spaceman Spiff

        I found it's not about the fast clicking, it's about the frequency of it.
        You have to press and release it in the right time.
        Don't press to early, don't release to soon. You should practice that, just make the bar stay at the same spot...
        When you are good at that, you start to feel how you can smoothly make it go up buy keeping it pressed slightly more than the time you let it released, and the opposite to make it go down.
        • Polraudio

          Polraudio Void-Bound Voyager

          I find the whole game alot easier with a controller. the only things i find harder is using a hoe and watering.
          Try a controller with fishing. I find it ALOT easier.
          • Itsrainingstars

            Itsrainingstars Phantasmal Quasar

            Ooh a separate fishing minigame that doesn't waste time or use stamina would be great for practice. Perhaps you could even earn a small amount of g per day if you played it. Maybe like 50g if you do awesome at the most so it's not too op. Like how many fish can you catch in a minute and it's faster or something.
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            • KKGB

              KKGB Space Penguin Leader

              it's all about experience and getting the feel for it. there are no tips that will instantly make u better at it. u just need to know exactly how long to hold/click for to make the adjustment u need
              • hurrshire

                hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                I feel like it's really difficult to catch anything when fishing. Is it supposed to be this hard? I caught the one fish when I got the bamboo rod and haven't been able to catch a single fish since.

                Maybe my coordination just isn't strong enough for fishing. I've been trying to just avoid it, but that seems like a fair chunk of profits I'm missing out on. Any tips?
                • Mortaneous

                  Mortaneous Void-Bound Voyager

                  I've been having a lot of problems with it as well. There is an exp bar in the inventory, maybe it gets easier?
                  • hurrshire

                    hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                    Don't you have to actually catch something for your exp to go up though?
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                    • WatcherCCG

                      WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

                      The green bar rises proportional to the time you hold down the button. The problem is that this is grotesquely unwieldy and badly designed. Everything else I've experienced in the game has been beautiful, but fishing? After seeing Leth and other streamers struggle, and getting annoyed with it myself, I can safely say that fishing is the weak link of the game.
                      • hurrshire

                        hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                        Agreed. I'd like to see some polishing done with fishing, if nothing else make the green bar rise a little with each mouse click. I would much rather see a clicking frenzy than how it currently is.
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                        • nyxxye

                          nyxxye Space Hobo

                          agreed... fishing is hard.I tried fast clicking and it doens't work. The hold seem work better but each time you hold the mouse button ,the green bar just go up so fast and if u relase it , it goes down so freaking fast.
                          I hope CA & CF will be willing to fix this feature later on....
                          • RitsuHasano

                            RitsuHasano Existential Complex

                            The feature doesn't need 'fixed', and you aren't supposed to just hold the mouse button down. I agree that it takes a few tries to understand, but once you do, it becomes easy for the most part. Just make small tiny clicks to keep the bar in place around the fish. Click too hard and it'll zoom up too quickly. Don't click and it falls down.

                            At first I was all 'This is annoying', but after actually practicing with it I've managed to get to where I can catch fish without too much of an issue 99% of the time.

                            Granted, if it can be improved on, then that'd be nice. However, there's really nothing to 'fix'.
                            • wingedwolf123

                              wingedwolf123 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              Lol why do ppl make it out to seem fishing is so hard it's one of the easiest things to do.. I use a controller but when I get a hit I start off immediately tapping the button and adjust speed according to fish.. it's really that simple .. some fish are harder than other while some will barely move and others move like they're on crack.. just keep ur head up and keep practicing
                              • Lunarabbit32

                                Lunarabbit32 Starship Captain

                                I think it's supposed to be harder in the beginning? I had to leave the beach and go fish in the river where the fish were calmer to avoid rage quitting with the bamboo pole. Then after leveling up and upgrading poles, it became way easier and even fun to a degree (and fishing isn't usually my thing in these games.) I don't think it needs to be fixed imo, it just takes a lot of patience.
                                • SoulOfSorin

                                  SoulOfSorin Phantasmal Quasar

                                  Hard at begenning and easy and fun at the end is'nt a good gestion of the difficulty curve. By myself i never catch a fish without a script to slow the game, but i'll try with my controller.
                                  • Tomwa

                                    Tomwa Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    I greatly enjoy the fishing.

                                    Fish seem to have different behaviors (For example - Carps are lazy and easy to catch) and going for the treasure can occasionally mean a quick snatch and grab (Move it behind the treasure as quickly as possible before darting for the fish).

                                    Practice is the key.

                                    As for tips?


                                    Click to move up.
                                    Release to move down.

                                    1. You don't have to "Click" repeatedly, you can click and hold. The bar has a little bit of inertia to it and will continue moving up/down meaning you will have to account for such movement.
                                    2. It is better to be below the fish than above it, you cannot make the bar go down (besides letting it fall which it seems to do more slowly) but you can make it go up.

                                    The ideal position to keep the bar (In my humble opinion based upon my experience) is like so:


                                    3. Fish will have a specific pattern of movement - I can call most fish by the way they move. If you're watching the fish you'll notice some will tend towards the bottom others (such as the eel) tend to jump from top to bottom quickly.
                                    4. Make good use of bait - it helps quite a bit in terms of catch rates and lessens the sting for the "ones that get away".
                                    5. Make good use of rod attachments (you can buy them from Willy) they vary in purpose but most are very useful e.g. The one which slow the rate at which your catch bar (The vertical bar to the right) drops when not reeling the fish is especially helpful.
                                    6. The fish icon should overlay the green bar at all times, you should note that the fish icons bounding box seems to be a little bit larger than it actually is.
                                    7. If you need to keep the green bar steady then a slow rate of clicking is usually sufficient (i.e. "click" -> "release" -> "click" -> "release" -> ...)
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                                    • Glades

                                      Glades Space Hobo

                                      Tomwa has some great advice! It's tough starting but focus on getting the upgraded rods asap. In addition to the "specific pattern of movement" that you'll be accustom to.. you can play the law of averages.. if the fish is really high, odds are it'll drop and position yourself accordingly. To date I''ve managed some legendary fish but still looking for the legend.. one day!
                                      • sim2016

                                        sim2016 What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

                                        Not everyone has a light touch though, some people are heavy handed and for them fishing in this game is impossible. I'm sure there is another way that would be doable for everyone. Lots of people are struggling and it is ruining the game for them
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                                        • Lashley1337

                                          Lashley1337 Space Hobo

                                          What do you do with the legendary fish? Sell them? Or are they kept for a certain collection?

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