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Tutorial Fixing Lost/Corrupted Universes and Player Files

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Trinosaur, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with this particular glitch so I won't be of any help. This thread is only for crashed games that result in corrupted universes and characters. But I have seen threads related to your issue around. Keep looking and I'm sure you'll find a solution or at least some solidarity....
  2. Fozzymandius

    Fozzymandius Space Hobo

    Just posting that I had this error when my computer hit a blue screen. This is the first time this PC has blue screened since I installed Windows 10 a year ago. I received a few prolonged periods of lag (10 second freeze where the windows cursor didn't pop up) before I got around to restarting the computer it randomly blue screened and my universe failed.

    I also cannot use the JSON dump exe on Win10, I just get a warning that "Windows can't run this app." Any ideas?

    I deleted the dump_versioned_json.exe file and verified and it ran, I guess it somehow corrupted.

    Last edit: I used your fix and got my world back it appears everything is working. Really silly that there isn't some manual restoration option to try and get your world back without going through pretty arcane steps. Thanks so much for the great write up.
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  3. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    I use windows 7 and I'm unfamiliar with windows 10 so I don't think I'll be of much help in that area. Perhaps somebody else might know the reason? Either way, I am glad at least part of my info-dump helped you! The good thing about this error is that there are usually multiple solutions to the problem. If JSON doesn't work, you can always do it the longer way and "cheat" it back in as admin, or simply re-beat the missions. :)
  4. Olette

    Olette Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, I have the problem with the outpost reset and I use the commands "/setuniverseflag outpost_mission6" but I was in the next step, when Esther open the gate for the final boss and now it's close and I cant speak with her.... any other command for this?
  5. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    /failquest destroyruin
    This removes the quest with the ruin and you can start it again. The cutscene will trigger and everything should be fine >v<

    ~ Iris ~
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  6. Olette

    Olette Void-Bound Voyager

    Thank you soo much!! <3
  7. SabreNL

    SabreNL Poptop Tamer

    is there a way to fix Mooshi/chickens that have stoped producing ?
    or do i need to replace those with new ones
  8. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    I think replacing will probably be your best bet. I read somebody say that if you just wait they'll produce again, but then somebody else said even after 30 hours of gameplay nothing changed. It's hard to say really. And I don't know of any admin commands that will fix it.
  9. SabreNL

    SabreNL Poptop Tamer

    ok will do.
    thnx for the quick reply
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  10. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    /setuniverseflag outpost_beakeasy
    ^ should do the job.

    ~ Iris ~
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  11. Hello!

    Wanted to let people know that we're not ignoring this issue, but that it is a really difficult problem to reproduce and investigate.
    A lot of character/world corruption occurs due to conflicting, broken or outdated mods, and many of the reports we're getting don't provide sufficient information.

    If you experience character/world loss, the most helpful thing you could do is immediately send your starbound.log file and failed player/universe saves to contact@chucklefish.org so that we can look into what's causing the problem. It's best not to mess around with trying to restore the files first.
    Here's a thread with more info about submitting a useful bug report.

    In the meantime, really sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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  12. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Well, from what I've seen (and from my own experience) it has nothing to do with mods. My husband and I have never used them for this game. It really honestly looks like it's due to sudden crashes during save information overwrite. The starbound.log shows no errors other than the one I shared in my original post here. The universe file fails and needs to be replaced with a new one, which screws up a bunch of other things.

    I'm glad to see an admin looking at my thread, but I don't know how much more information I can give and I can't imagine this being terribly hard to replicate; the same thing has happened to my husband at least twice under the exact same circumstances. And most everybody here with the posts I've linked also experience the same thing.

    Anyway... thanks for the reply. Happy to see somebody looking. I'm just trying to help resolve an ongoing issue for a lot of people.
  13. Ryytikki

    Ryytikki Void-Bound Voyager

    Hi, Husband of OP here

    Like my wife said, it seems that the issue is being caused by the game trying to save to the universe file and crashing midway through. This could be due to power failure, BSOD, etc.

    If you want to reproduce this, set your internal copy of the game to show a popup whenever the game is saving to the universe file and then deliberately cut the power to the PC running it when you see the flag in-game. When you reboot, it should reset your planet to a random starting one and erase all of your outpost progress/teleport spots.

    One option for fixing this is to keep regular backups of the universe file (perhaps whenever the game is closed normally or when moving between planets) that can be reloaded in the case of a crash. Sure, players might lose a bit of information but its better than losing everything (which has happened to me twice)
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  14. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Space Kumquat

    My file recently got corrupted due to an unexpected shutdown, and I'm glad I was able to recover it without much damage! Thanks for the tutorial.
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  15. GoldenGust

    GoldenGust Space Hobo

    Dumping Files to JSON:

    In the win32 directory under Starbound is dump_versioned_json.exe. (It'll probably be in a different directory if you're not using Windows.)

    You'll need to run dump_versioned_json.exe from the command line. It takes two arguments: the first is a binary .dat file to dump, and the second is the file name to write.

    You should export both the .dat file for the universe, and for the .player file to fix. Here's how it might look. (The filename for the player will be different. Steam purchasers, for example, will have different directories.)

    D:\Games\GOG Games\Starbound\win32>dump_versioned_json.exe "D:\Games\GOG Games\Starbound\storage\universe\universe.dat" "D:\Games\GOG Games\Starbound\universe.json"
    D:\Games\GOG Games\Starbound\win32>dump_versioned_json.exe "D:\Games\GOG Games\Starbound\storage\player\9ca17817bd04c5b382b28ebd162c7ccd.player" "D:\Games\GOG Games\Starbound\player.json"

    Could someone elaborate on this step? I have no idea where to start.
  16. AArticuno3

    AArticuno3 Big Damn Hero

    How can I make a character appear on my selection screen if all of my data in storage/player got wiped and i only have the .player and .shipworld of that character?
  17. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    @gchristopher wrote this guide so perhaps they will be of more help here.

    It got wiped? As in, all the data is totally gone? I'm not sure what you mean. My understanding of character recovery is as simple as renaming .bak to .player. There are at least 2 guides in my original post on how to do this.
  18. Olette

    Olette Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello! My file recently got corrupted due to an unexpected shutdown, I restore it with a back up but my ship don't have bookmarks and its endless traveling to nowhere.
    What can I do for fix this?
  19. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Endless traveling? Wow. I've never run into that one. I think I need more information. Have you tried selecting a planet and trying to fly to it?

    Bookmarks can be restored by hunting through your files for coordinates and manually recreating them by sitting in your captain's chair; there's a guide that says "How to Restore Your Bookmarks/Lost Planets" on my first post. You can also try to find planets by using any active quests (there's also a guide for that on my first post).
  20. Olette

    Olette Void-Bound Voyager

    When I sit in my captain's chair its all white, coordinates don't have any number, I try using the "/warp" command but it's seems not working, I cant use any command, even /admin don't work.

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