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Tutorial Fixing Lost/Corrupted Universes and Player Files

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Trinosaur, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Sorry for my late reply but I'm glad you figured out the problem. I was wondering if it was a mod issue! :)
  2. babfoxj

    babfoxj Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    So about a week ago we had a storm and it knocked out a friend's power to his house while he was playing SB. He restarted the game, only to find his data gone. By using your tutorial, he was able to restore his character and his universe, but not his bookmarks or flags. Your tutorial was very helpful in, but he's a little hesitant about adding his bookmarks and flags back the way you suggested. (He claims he has over 100 teleport locations and 50 bookmarked planets before the failure.) So he's trying to get into the script directly and add his bookmarks back that way.

    My question to the forum is would you use Notepad or some other program to view .player and .world files? This may not be the right forum for this question, but since the problem is the delicate saving feature I hope to add to the attention this issue needs. BTW, my friend was using SB vanilla, no mods, so there's no issues there.
  3. PygPyg

    PygPyg Space Hobo

    I just started playing a few days ago, outstanding game so far. However, the game crashed on me last night while exiting from the title menu. Logged in today and my player and ship data was okay, but I was on a different solar system than when I started. My bookmarks were gone as well. After reading this thread I determined the "Recovering Failed Universes Via JSON" fix was what I needed. I just wanted to say that the solution described there worked perfectly.
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  4. PygPyg

    PygPyg Space Hobo

    I used Notepad++ as the text editor for my player and world files. Link for Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.html
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  5. babfoxj

    babfoxj Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you. I'll be sharing this link with him and using it myself to see if we can do something to add all his bookmarks back more efficiently.
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  6. PygPyg

    PygPyg Space Hobo

    No problem, if you need another set of eyes on it. I'm sure we can figure something out.
  7. cattycat510

    cattycat510 Master Chief

    I'm sorry to ask this again after seeing all the effort you made. But English is not my mother language and im not sure that I understand it correctly or not. :nurusad:

    I just recover my player data. (thank you so much!!!) but i have a problem with the universe part.
    The whole universe is reset and my home planet is gone. I try to find it by using the searching X: and Y: method.
    I found one but not sure it's my home planet or not because nothing was on the planet.
    I open the "universe" folder and see that there're 2 fail files, one is "universe.dat.numbers--.fail"

    so, if I do that "re-beat the missions through S.A.I.L. and your outpost will go back to normal", will my home planet come back to normal too? (I just want the things inside my home)

    or I have to do the the "Recovering Fail Universe via JSON" method? (this one giving me a big headache)
    I already read it, but not quite sure how to do it. But if that the only way to recover i guess I have to figure it out some how.

    -- sorry for bad grammar and things.:cry:
  8. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    If you found nothing on the planet, then chances are it was not your home planet. To the best of my knowledge, this bug does not cause planets or anything on them to be erased. It only erases bookmarks and resets the outpost. My suggestion would be to keep searching!

    I wish I had some advice on the JSON method but I didn't write that part of the tutorial and it's not something I'm personally familiar with.
  9. cattycat510

    cattycat510 Master Chief

    I just about to give up But Finally, I FOUND IT!! Thank you sooooo much. You are my life savor. Thanks again! <3
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  10. adammce

    adammce Poptop Tamer

    Hi everyone - I really hoped I'd never need to post in a Starbound support forum! So far, it's been near enough perfect :).

    Experience with the game is wonderful. Myself and my partner have been playing it for a while now, about 50 hours in. Sadly, the other night she was playing alone and her laptop died on her as she clicked on the character to load. Now, the character won't show up. I've tried the method shown here for the backup files, but all three still yielded a blank character screen. As we played on her universe together, all of our work appears to be gone. Given it was the first game we'd ever really played she's pretty gutted.

    Frankly if anyone can help me restore even the home planet we built, that would be enough. Characters, items etc. can be replaced - missions can be redone. I'll happily replay to where we were and what we upgraded with. I just need to try and get the information from one planet!

    Happy to upload anything that is needed, and can follow any instructions given. Really at the stage where I'm willing to try anything to try and solve this problem. Thanks so much for anyone who checks in and tries to help - I'll try and respond as soon as I can to any replies. Appreciated and best!

  11. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Oh yikes. Do you have .fail universe files? And are you making sure to rename your .bak files to .player? My suggestion (back up before doing this) is to do that, but if there are multiple .bak character files try deleting the others so that there is only 1 available at a time for the game to read. Hope that makes sense.

    Also, might be helpful if you outline exactly what you've done to try to fix it and attach any .log files so that somebody with more technical experience can take a look at it!
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  12. adammce

    adammce Poptop Tamer

    Hi friend! Thanks for the response. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you - working non-stop at present!

    I've looked where I was instructed to for .fail files, and none exist on the laptop. I've used 'Open with...' to open the .player and .bak1/2/3 files, and for her character it's completely scrambled. On every other character who I open, it makes no sense to me but it's legible English.
    What I've tried so far is;

    1. Backed up the corrupted files as soon as it happened.
    2. Deleted the corrupted .player and .shipworld files in the original folder, not the backup folder I made.
    3. Replaced the corrupted and now deleted .player and .shipworld files with .bak1 of each kind.
    4. Done this each time with no luck for .bak1, .bak2 and .bak3. No success. Done this for both .shipworld and .player.
    5. Have poked around in Universe folder but didn't really know what to attempt, and left! Didn't want to make things worse somehow :p.

    I've attached a file with the character files and the backups as well as the logs in a folder.

    Again thank you so much for responding! If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful!


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  13. GCU GreyArea

    GCU GreyArea Orbital Explorer

    FML Second time a game crash has wiped my bookmarks, teleport locations and quest progress. Why does this game insist on loading save data the way it does, and there by deciding that because I crashed it's going to load me up with my game pretty much wiped, this is not what I want in a game, unacceptable now it is a full release title.

    Edit: Can anyone provide a layman's explanation of how to use the scripting for .fail files? I am desperate to fix this problem but jargon rich explanations do not help and further frustrate me.
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  14. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Yuck. Sorry this happened to you! I know hardly anything about scripting files. @Iris Blanche may know more?
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  15. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    You'll need at least python installed to run these scripts. Git isn't necessary if you download the repo as zip file from github. Then you have to launch the script via commandline and the fail file as a parameter. Best is to put said fail file in the same directory as the script so you don't have to deal with any of these folder paths.

    ~ Iris ~
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  16. GCU GreyArea

    GCU GreyArea Orbital Explorer

    Thank you both for taking the time to reply but sadly, Iris, your advice is wasted on me as I can not comprehend your instructions, very sorry.

    I have trawled around online looking for persons or other forums that may contain information on fixing this game, I found a page by Blixt that can apparently repair the files but so far I have no luck in getting it to work, here: http://starbound-info.appspot.com/

    I am at a loss how a game so simple can handle save data so poorly, why can I not manually save? Why must I dedicate time to make backups because it is so unreliable?

    This is the second time I have emailed Chucklefish over this, I did so back in August and they never replied. I won't hold my breath this time, fast losing love and hope for this game which is let down by details so small they shouldn't matter.

    Once again, Tri and Iris, I want to thank you for taking the time to reply to me. x
  17. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    You can provide your fail file in a zip file and i'll run the script over it if you want. But i won't find much time for this until tomorrow.

    ~ Iris ~
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  18. GCU GreyArea

    GCU GreyArea Orbital Explorer

    You are a Saint, that is really above the call of what I was expecting and as such I am in no hurry, any help is deeply appreciated. I will message you privately tomorrow, I will speak with my boyfriend tonight so he can tell me how to compress the files ready to be sent.

    Is there anything else you would require or need?

    Hope to speak to you then, thank you so much once again! x
  19. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    The file should be enough. Afaik the script doesn't need anything more. And if it does i'll ask for the rest tomorrow ^-^

    ~ Iris ~
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  20. _DG_

    _DG_ Void-Bound Voyager

    It has just saved my ass and my colony. I thought I won't be able to get on my planet again.

    Thank you very much ! ;)

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