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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by DraikNova, Mar 28, 2018.

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    So, I've been making a non-humanoid race. This particular race has a wider head than average. This results in the character portrait at the top-left of the screen breaking: part of the head is overlapped by both the edge of the portrait's box as well as the end of the health bar. While I can fix the edge of the portrait's box, the healthbar is harder to solve: normally, I would just move the healthbar a couple of pixels to the right, but I am unable to find any file governing the position of the healthbar, not even so much as a .frames file; adding a .frames file myself does not appear to do anything.

    So, does anyone know any way to fix this?

    EDIT: Ok, I found out how to move around the health and energy bars; the windowconfigs folder has teambar.config, which can be patched. I am still going to leave this thread open in case anyone knows a more elegant way to handle this.
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  2. Nexus Of Chaos

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    interface\windowconfig\teambar.config has the info for it. based on the window textures, you will also have to edit the texture at interface\party\playerbar.png to accommodate for the extra distance added

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