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Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by UnLoque, Dec 22, 2013.

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    As i already said and started little discussion in this topic below:


    Starbound is really lacking a low-tier gun. I mean, i it is afterall a Sci-Fi game, right?
    And what is most of the Sci-Fi combat about?

    Running around guns blazing. And so far, in Starbound it is quite an achievement to get a gun if you are not a game veteran.

    I know, there is bow, and also thrown weapons...

    About the bow:
    1) It's slow and coarsy! At least for me... I'm sure there are some who love the bow, and it has a nice commando-guerilla ( -robinson-cruzoe on tier 1 also ) feeling but... I just can't stand running around with only a bow for the first 4-20 hours. And i dont wonna rush to the higher tiers only to get a gun...
    2) Space Cowboys are about to arrive! Don't make Novakids run around with only a bow...
    3) It is a sci fi game right?

    About thrown weapons:

    1) As far as i know, there are not craftable! ( except snowballs, but come on... Sci-Fi game, right? ) And not really that common...
    2) Even if you can 3d print'em, they will still be expensive as... Really expensive. And i don't like the general idea to pay the money to earn the money...
    3) Sci-Fi gameee...

    My solution? Giving players a Tier-1 Flintlock pistol to craft ( compared to bow - longer reload, deals bit more damage, takes bit more energy to fire it, doesn't drop meat. ) and some simple laser or modern Tier-2 Gun. Arguments to back it:
    1) Sci-Fi ga... Ok, you know what i'm trying to say.
    2) Quite a numer of people miss guns!
    3) You can't really go ranged on low tiers now if are not much of a Rambo fan...
    4) Meele guys have these multiple craftable weapons to choose from, and ranged? We have bow...
    5) Novakids just HAVE to get a gun early. Please.
    6) ,,Crafting flintlock pistol with basic tools? Ridiculous!" Yeah, but somehow you can make a Metalwork Station with these... Same thing with Tier 2 gun - Hero can make brain extrating gun somehow, but simple shotgun is just too much for him.

    And of course, i realise that you surely want to add more guns in the future but... Can we have this one thing bit earlier?

  2. Sir_Shark

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    Unloque is quite right. I didn't even think about low-tiered guns. And of course the argument about this being a sci-fi game, however over-used, is over-used for a reason. If we are able to build a robot, one would think building a simple, makeshift zip-gun or something wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

    Of course we still need the issue of basically useless guns to be addressed as well, or these will become simply low-tiered, gun-shaped, paperweights.
  3. KrazyKliff

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    quite right i am at tier three and i have yet to find a gun or merchant that sells them maybe its just my luck but they do seem very rare and not being able to craft them is just silly. I am hoping this is just an issue now because the games in beta i would think the devs would agree with us.
  4. zilgaant

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    dude, i'm about to build a flintlock weapon inside my steampunk mod, what do you suggest?

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