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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nisabla, Feb 4, 2019.

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    I have been really enjoying Wargroove thus far. Aside from a few creator's maps not working as they more than likely intended (3rd party Grey units spread out on a map that don't have any function and are just there. You can't attack or interact with them and they just take up space) there is only one real issue I've noticed. Fog of War works pretty well in 1v1 maps, but when you have teams people on the same team cannot see what each other are doing. They can't provide each other vision for ranged units or cavalry charges/far-movement-attacks that may be trying to back up the other player.

    It feels like this may have not been entirely intended and I hope to see it get fixed soon. This is the only glaring issues I've felt while playing the game and have really been enjoying it thus far. Kudos to Chucklebois and I can only hope you read your own forums since when I looked on Steam there was a surprising lack of staff comments answering questions or people pointing out what they think are problems. I know the game just released and you are all probably swamped so please keep up the good work. o/

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