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    The fog of war isn't really a new concept, people know it - believe me. Game players know this like at least 20 years already - it's not an innovational interesting/exciting animation that worth players to wait. I have never played any game like this, sets a significant long animation on the fog of war. Usually, that should be instant or semi-instant at least. Even though I can understand that you may want players to pay attention to the fog, but believe me - like a 0.5s is enough, your 3s animation? that is far more than enough - I call it annoying.

    Moreover, this animation has an uncertain transition period. you have to wait for a fog animation in between 0 - 3 sec AFTER almost every single movement. And you have no idea how long it's gonna be. There is a fundamental UX rule - interaction feedbacks should be predictable for the user. I don't know if your interaction designers ever heard about it.

    Meanwhile, you are not able to see your cursor during that period, but YOU CAN STILL MOVE IT???? You are kidding me, right?

    Since the fog animation transition time isn't fixed, so it is not really forecastable. Therefore, users will definitely move their cursor while the fog animation quite often. But since you can't see it, you have to actively find it again after the animation. And usually, it just goes to the edge of the map.

    Yes, those things aren't deal breakers. But it is really annoying. You know what am I saying right? This game is not called "Calculate The Fog of War" or "Find Your Cursor", right?

    This actually could be an easy fix:

    No matter how much the fog changes, set a fixed time for the fog animation, maybe like 0.4sec. I believe no one want's to see a 2sec animation just for the fog.

    Then, pause the cursor during the fog animation period.
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      The cursor issue is pretty annoying I agree.. I usually remember to not touch anything for a few seconds until it reappears, but sometimes forget if I'm really in the zone of momentum and then cant find my cursor.
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        The problem is that we can't predict how long to wait. And there is a chain of problems because of this. If they can at least fix one of the problems, for example, either lock the cursor or just shorten the animation would be an acceptable fix, then I think I can put up with the rest.
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          Looks like they heard us! The update coming out tomorrow will improve the speed of fog.

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