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  1. Fantasja

    Fantasja Industrial Terraformer

    As i've heard there going to be tameavle creatures. But my idea is that you should be able to have more "Human like followers". An example:

    You are exploring a planet you see some space pirates. And with them theres going a man with handcuffs on. Bam slam lazzzeeeer... SAP!(Killed the space pirates) So know you can go talk to the guy he says "Can you plz help me?" and he gives you three speak options: "Come here and let me free you(You free the man from his handcuffs and you get handcuffs in your inv)","Why should i help you?" or "I think ill just take you with me and leave your handcuffs on."
    If you choose the first one of theese things will happen:

    He begins to fight you.

    He flees wich allows you to kill him or just hit him one time wich makes him fall to the ground. Then you can give him handcuffs on again and and take option three instead of the first one.

    He comes with you to the space station, where you can talk to him to get him with you as follower until you tell him to go back to station. You can also give him stuff and then he can use it(Give him pickaxe he can help mine or give armor and he will waer it and etc.)

    If you choose the second one he will say one of theese things:

    "I dont care just kill me!" Here you can say "Ok ill kill you!(And he will stop talking and wait for you to kill him)

    "Plz if you do i will join you as a folower!"(If you choose he will join you like i mentioned earlier)

    If you choose the third one he will go with you to the space station. It can have theese options:

    You can kill him later if you dont want him.

    He might have cordinates for planet or info about animals etc.(If he have the animal he has info about will be added to the index thingy without you have met it)

    You can take items he got,

    You might be able to make him join you as follower. But maybe he doesn't like you and wont join you.
    Hope you like it Plz post if you got any ideas that can be added.
  2. Sarzael

    Sarzael Oxygen Tank

    There will be NPCs. And stop necroing other threads.
  3. Fantasja

    Fantasja Industrial Terraformer

    I know there will be i just came up with an idea for some special type of NPC.
  4. Eric

    Eric Existential Complex

    How is this a necro? But I like the idea of captured enemies being able to lead you to their base or something, add interrogation to the game, that would be so sweet.
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  5. Fantasja

    Fantasja Industrial Terraformer

    Thx for being the first to support it xD
  6. Brigan Filgroinas

    Brigan Filgroinas Void-Bound Voyager

    The best drone companion idea I have ever seen was the golemancy in Legend of Mana (PSX / Squaresoft)
    It was like this:

    -You created a golem mounting 1 weapon and various armor pieces.

    -The quality of the weapon defined the size of logic grid (i will explain later).

    -The quality of the armor defined golem stats like attack, defense, or magic.

    -A golem's AI actions would be determined by the logic grid contents. that was a N x N grid in which you put some tetris-like pieces called logic blocks.

    -Tou could only change the logic blocks in the golem workshop, not in battle.

    -Each logic block was an attack type.

    -The vertical axis was the preference hierarchy. the golem will use the topmost attack when possible, when not possible, try the second attack, and so on. (just like in the Final Fantasy 12's Gambit System).

    -The horizontal axis defined how much the golem would expose itself to enemies before performing an attack (valiant vs coward).

    -The tetris-like shape of logic blocks makes difficult to place them in an optimal arrangement.

    -The unused logic grid cells caused situations when the golem would take no action (fortunately there were 1x1 low-rate logic blocks to fill gaps).

    All of this generated funny situations were you yelled at the golem's stupidity when it performing a strong and slow attack against a single weak enemy or launched short range attacks from long range, missing the target.

    So my idea is:

    -You create mechanical non-playable pets (from now on reffered as mechapet).

    -You recicle useless items like outdated armors to create mechapets.

    -You use valuable game blocks to create valuable behavior. Beeing greedy can be lethal.

    -You do not know the effects of a logic block unless you expose yourself to a mechapet equiped with the unidentified logic block.

    -You cannot manipulate the mechapet's behavior once you are in a battle or any other dangerous situation so you must take responsability for the mechapet stupidity.

    -The more risks you take creating the mechapet's AI, the highter chance to take great benefits.

    -Your pet's stupidity can result in weird random situations which can be very profitable.

    -The mechapet's stupidity is your own stupidity.

    -Your mechapet's stupid-generated positive achievements are not your achievements.

    -You shall feel terror when you see your mechapet behaving unexpectedly (like adopting an energy-charging stance that could be preceeding a nuclear blast from which you can't be sure to be able to escape on time).

    -Behavior blocks are destroyed when removed.

    -Firstly placed behavior blocks can obstruct future block placing, So if you regret placing a valuable behavior block on an inconvenient arrangement, you must decide if you destroy the valuable behavior block or if you take the risks of creating a stupid AI arrangement placing new behavior blocks on the remaining space.

    -Behavior blocks can be attacks, or can be abilities.

    -Behavior blocks can be incompatible. A mechapet equiped with a high-tier attack logic block can only equip low tier non-attack logic block. So this mechapet would be a batte-oriented one.

    -There are certain critical actions that can only be performed by your mechapet. (like hacking an electronically locked door). So you must expose yourself to your mechapet's Artificial Stupidity if you want to overcome certain game obstacles or situations.

    -You shall feel stupid when you see your mechapet has started to open a security door that says DO NOT OPEN and leads to a room filled with extremely dangerous monsters.

    -You shall facepalm when you see your mechapet hacking an explosive mimic cyberchest.
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  7. Eqlles

    Eqlles Over 9000!!!

    I wish I could like that more than once. This is brilliant, and fits in perfectly with this game. I love the emphasis you put on the mechapet's likely derpiness. One question- do you think they will do much other than be stupid?

    I really want to see this in game.
  8. Joxalot

    Joxalot Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like the idea of companions going with you around.
    It open alot of space for the devs to add henchmen, mercenaries, companions and play with this whole concept.
  9. Eqlles

    Eqlles Over 9000!!!

    Maybe. Unless the it's the players fault they're derpy, the devs will get a lot of heck for followers derping around.
  10. Brigan Filgroinas

    Brigan Filgroinas Void-Bound Voyager

    As in 2001 space oddisey's HAL 9000. Every undesired machine behavior comes from human error. Mechapets should not be stupid or intelligent. They should be mindless.
    But I was also thinking of a "singularity rate system" to work as a loyalty system.

    -The stronger he mechapet is in comparison to your strenght, the faster the "syngularity" gauge fills. (a mechapet stronger than you should be hard to keep loyal)
    -A 25% filled singularity gauge will cause the mechapet a chance of 25% to cast a random action not not necessarily contained in the logic grid. Even endgame skills!!! (that can kill all of your enemies or yourself)
    -At 100% it would "singularize" and gain self awareness and abandon you, or try to kill you. Or become a valuable NPC story character.
    -Singularity gauge starts filling slowly when a battle starts, and resets at the battle end.
    -The more damaged a mechapet is, the faster the gauge fills. So a mechapet's loyalty depends on how much you care of it and how much do you overuse it.

    It also would be fun if there was an optional (omega-weapon-like) special quest where an ancient overevolved singularized mechapet (that can shot temporal singularizating beams against your mechapet) is the boss.

    By the way. I loved the autons in Transcendence. Specially when I commanded my 35 autons swarm to raid an enemy station.
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  11. thefool8p

    thefool8p Void-Bound Voyager

    That is pretty amazing, I wouldn't mind that being a realistic thing. Only problem I see is that it might make people not want to use them because too much hassle.
    Imagine if your fighting a boss and then the mechapet would get damaged enough to start attacking you or worst attacking you and cast a endgame skill.

    But other then that sounds like a amazing Idea

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