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  1. Skulblaka

    Skulblaka Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Deep in the center of the planet, a low rumble sounds as the plates and rocks begin to shift. Magma flows, massive slabs of living rock crack and split. On the surface, a terrified settler clings to the walls of his house as the ground rumbles, shifts and splits as far as the eye can see. The very core of the planet glows brighter with the heat of friction and evil intent. The earth itself splits in two, releasing a great, fiery monster from its bowels, shedding the very planet like an old discarded eggshell. A forgotten Beast from the ages of legend has awakened.

    Certain planets (rare planets, maybe 1 in 150 or so) have a core made up of a living creature. This planet, in fact, isn't a planet at all - its one of the eggs of a great and terrible race of ancient beasts, who fly among the very stars as though it were a bird among trees on our own Earth. Discovering and visiting the planet would begin the awakening process, but nothing would be noticeable until it comes near the time for the Beast to hatch. Tunneling down deep, deep into the planet, and cracking the core itself would force an early awakening, releasing a weaker, immature, but very angry version of the adult Core Beast.

    Beasts would only be able to be fought from within a ship or space station/base, due to them demolishing whatever planet they hatch from.
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  2. Omegatron

    Omegatron Aquatic Astronaut

    I believe something similar has been suggested before, but I might just be crazy.

    I like the concept of having a lava rock monster in the core of a planet, but I'm not sure how the space station combat would work.
  3. Skulblaka

    Skulblaka Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I wasn't sure how exactly to go about searching for this idea, so I have no clue whether or not it's been suggested, to be honest. I figured I would throw it out here for consideration and see what responses I got.
  4. Fenrics

    Fenrics Space Hobo

    the only idea i can get for the shuttle combat could be like asteroids or even bulletstorm. to not only aim for the beast but debris and other enemies that might come. also if the beast fully matured couldnt it send spore-like drones to protect it? just an idea.
  5. Sashima

    Sashima Big Damn Hero

    This idea was suggested before sorta. The idea was a living planet, and you'd go in and fight it!
    This idea I like and hate, as I would imagine being forced to fight this creature on the surface of the planet, cause depending on planet size it would have to be MASSIVE to destroy the whole planet.
  6. I would suggest that perhaps Core Beasts should hatch from the moons of other planets. That way, you could fight them from the surface of a planet. Also, it would be especially unnerving if you saw the moon in the sky crack open and unleash a massive monster! :saywhat:
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  7. Bananapuddin

    Bananapuddin Aquatic Astronaut

    I really like that idea, but maybe smaller ones could hatch from moons, while bits and pieces of the moon fall down during the fight. I'd imagine the fight would go a bit like this.

    Sorry if it looks bad.

    Then if you get one in a planet, the planet is destroyed, but you have to kill the monster before you can get back in the ship. You'd have to jump to and from the chunks of the planet while you're fighting it.

  8. Skulblaka

    Skulblaka Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Haha you know what that reminds me of? The flash game Gravitee Wars.

    I love it. :D
    And Inferno, you always have awesome ideas.

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