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Server Discussion Forming a modded RP server-group

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Venture13, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. Venture13

    Venture13 Big Damn Hero

    Looking for an RP server-group? don't mind or even prefer mods? well good news, I'm looking for people to join!

    Rather than have a server, the idea is to have a discord server which acts as the 'hub' of sorts, from there you can ask other members who are available if they'd like to RP in which you join someone's game via discord and play from there.
    If you're interested, feel free to PM or comment! I won't be handing out the discord link as I'd like to keep this as a smaller, close community which I won't have to moderate too heavily.

    For any of those curious:

    Q: why not just host a server?
    A: Servers have a lot of 'dead-time' which is to say, they have a lot of time where they sit there empty when most players are busy. Even then, having players host on their own means you'll know when others are online via discord. This is also just mainly an experiment, if it ends up not working well and enough people are still interested, I wouldn't mind hosting a server.

    Q: what mods are going to be used?
    A: The mods as a whole are mostly tweaks and additions to the base game for a better play and RP experience. Just to list a few, there's Elithian alliance, Optional Story, NPC Spawner+, Futata's Dragon Engine, B.Y.O.S, etc. most mods I used can be found here though there are some not listed there as they're not listed on the workshop.
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