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RELEASED Frackin' Music 3.45

Add-On for FrackinUniverse & Vanilla. Adds 200+ new songs to biome playlists.

  1. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    I have nothing else other than FU mods. I'm just gonna uninstall FM then, it's not working with FU so I have no reason to bother with it, the music tracks just as well not exist I have NEVER heard them playing in the FU biomes. Ever.

    Edit: Perhaps it's a problem with FU rather than FM? I've also never heard the newer vanilla music tracks such as "Inviolate"(my favorite) on polluted FU biomes(such as wasteland) or the snow-themed tracks on the icey FU biomes either. I'll hear for example the theme that plays at the outpost regardless of the type of FU biome i'm in. Just as an example.

    I also never heard "Lava exploration 1(also on youtube called the glitch theme) on FU planets.
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  2. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    I can vouch that FM does indeed work, though if you installed it and went back to planets that you've already been to, the FM tracks WILL NOT PLAY because when a planet is generated by the game, the music tracks are locked.

    I don't know why music tracks are saved in the freaking .world data for the planets, but it is.

    If you wanna hear FM tracks, go to a wholly new planet you've never been to before.

    Also, @sayter ... something I've been meaning to mention (can't remember if I mentioned this or not)...

    Most classic planet types have Frackin Music tracks in the surface tracklist, but not the underground. This means that every time you go below the surface, the game stops playing the FM track and loads up a vanilla track every single time you go below ground on a vanilla planettype.

    This is mildly annoying and sometimes when a cool track is playing, and I wanna go underground, I groan because I know I'll get one of the 5 vanilla tracks I've already heard millions of times that's gonna replace the cool track I rarely hear that was playing on the surface.
  3. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    noted. thanks
  4. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    not sure what to tell you man. Works perfectly fine with FU, and every other mod that I know of in existence. RNG must not like you or something.

    you could always open a patch file for a biome, add in a blank entry before the current list, and give it a value of [ ]

    then it will make an empty list, which the patch right after it then fills with only the FM tunes. but its not needed since it works as intended.
  5. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    I've been visiting planets I have never been to. Im actually experiencing the new tracks underground on my current colony of an UNKNOWN world but the surface of that world has regular music tracks. while I can understand unknown behaving that way, the thing is...well how would I put it...

    I just went to a few sections of the galaxy I'd never been to and landed on a bunch of planets like penumbra and bog with no new music tracks on those planets even though everyone here just said they should have them. I re-landed a dozen times on each planet no new music tracks.

    Edit: RNG would still bend over eventually unless the new music tracks have like a 2% chance to trigger or something.

    Another Edit: The current character I'm playing has her own corner of the galaxy and frackin music was installed before I even made her. So I know it's not from a lack of not having visited planets before. At the same time, wouldn't vanilla planets not get any new music to? I hear the new music on vanilla biomes, just not the frackin universe specific ones.
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  6. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    that, or you dont even r
    ealise you are hearing FM tracks already and you are entirely mistaken since I am currently able to hear them perfectly fine.

    remember, two total tracks surface, day and night, per planet. total. ever. likewise for underground. plus ambience. thats it.

    so you have a high chance at vanilla tracks still no matter how you slice it. you could still try what I suggested though, of course.

    its a relatively easy thing to do

    {"op":"replace", "path":"/musicTrack/day/tracks/", "value": [] },
    {"op":"replace", "path":"/musicTrack/night/tracks/", "value": [] },
    { the ops that is already in the patch}

    in any case, I'm not dragging it out any further. Adds the tracks to the playlists as intended, randomly as intended. I hear them all the time so it works.
  7. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    I hear more than just two tracks for surface day or night, and they are always the same. I even get the outpost music track on an INFERUS world, after reteleporting onto it a half dozen times.

    Edit: I'll rephrase a bit, I'm trying to get help as to a fix for this. WHY IS IT THAT IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE BUT ME!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    See way I see it, there is something wrong with my installation or perhaps the mod when I installed it it never seemed to update properly so that vanilla planets get the music but FU planets don't. What special configuration am I supposed to do? I'm trying to ask for help here and no one seems to care.

    Another Edit: I'll try the fix but if it doesn't do anything I'm uninstalling this particular aspect of frackin universe, because at that point it clearly doesn't work and I don't know how it's working for anyone else, it cannot be.

    ....Actually seeing as I'd have to go through dozens of entries and I don't have the time I'll try it another time.....in the mean time I'm just gonna get rid of it way to much work and I have other things on my mind.
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  8. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    You aren't blowing smoke here or hallucinating. I just went and tested in full to see what you are going on about...because thinking on it I realized it HAD been a while since I heard FM music on an FU biome

    I added a patch in there using what I pasted. Made it so ONLY one tune appears on Bog biomes.

    the patch treats it like I never did anything in the first place.

    Long story short: you are at least partially correct. The patch files are fine. The "priority" setting is what is responsible here. When that was added to FU it made FM not load after it when choosing music. I changed up priority, and now it works. Running a few more tests and then I'll upload the fix.

    edit 2: works fine with priorities removed from both mods. Da Hell, man. why have a priority feature if it doesnt work? If you use the github, ill have a fix put up. youll need both mods updated for it to apply
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  9. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    sayter updated Frackin' Music with a new update entry:

    minor meta change

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  10. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    Thanks, I was worried I was suffering something on my end, I had to head to bed for the night for work the next day, I'll load the updated version.

    Don't worry I've decided to stick with github versions, lately I found it easy to crash things on my end with non-github versions, probably just the universe I have and the nature of it, it's a few months old. I play a new character every so often to get around it but I keep old characters as a means of cheesing if I feel the RNG has really forsaken me in some situations.

    Yes I am aware I'll probably need some new worlds to see it in effect...so bye bye ice world crashed ship base it was nice knowing ya now I must move on to ice world base 2.0 early :).
  11. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    no worries. Its rare where both user and creator are correct at the same time :) There were no code problems, but there *was* a problem. Just not code. A meta file setting. and now we know :)
  12. Febilian

    Febilian Cosmic Narwhal

    Does this mod need to be installed on a server for the music tracks to show up on planets in the server's universe? I remember seeing on Steam that this was a "clientside mod" but I may have misunderstood what that meant.

    I have yet to hear any non-vanilla tracks across the many planets I've explored serverside(with Frackin Universe installed as well, to boot), and I did not put the mod itself onto the server due to large upload times. I'm not sure how music files on planets work, so if I'd need to put some files on the server(I'd imagine not the music files themselves, however! From what I gather it seems to be some kind of patch file I need to put on there?), some confirmation would be great.

    Also, if I did install the file(s) that allow planets to have new music tracks onto a server, do you think it would cause issues for anyone who doesn't have the mod installed clientside? Would be good to know if I need to instruct people to download this to play.
  13. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    AFAIK, the only "issues" one has with a music mod, is that if the game wants to play a certain music file, and that music file does not exist, you'll simply get the default track... and by "default", the game means no track at all, aka, silence. No music at all.

    It won't cause a CTD, beam-to-ship, or anything like that. You'll just get a warning in your log that the file it's looking for does not exist.

    I don't really know how the game handles music tracks, I know that in singleplayer, the game writes the tracklist into the planet's .world file (why this happens is beyond me, seems like a really odd way of doing it from a programmer's perspective), but yet I don't know how this is done server-side. This can easily be observed by uninstalling FM and then go to a planet that you generated while FM was installed -- half of the time you will hear silence and if you check your log file, you will see lots of warnings about missing files. Or, in reverse, generate a planet without FM and then go there after installing FM, and you will never, ever, ever hear an FM track.

    This would be a question to ask in the Modding Forums, and not here though. Unless of course @sayter knows the answer, I dunno if he ever tested mods like this on a server or not.
  14. Febilian

    Febilian Cosmic Narwhal

    I was asking here because I was wanting to use this mod specifically, and was wondering whether the creator would have any insight to it or not. I suppose I could ask there if I don't get an answer here.
  15. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    *nods* Well, FM is like any other music mod... and if @sayter is busy/occupied/doesn't notice this post (the forums are rather horrible about unsubbing you from watched posts), I was just saying you might get a quicker answer over there.
  16. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    You absolutely need the music on both client and server lol. It's absurd to think you wouldn't, given the size of the damned mod dude :)
  17. Febilian

    Febilian Cosmic Narwhal

    OK. Apologies then, I was misled by the "clientside mod" bit on the Steam Workshop.
  18. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    yes, that means you MUST have it on the client, to hear it. The server does not need it, but it cannot stream if to a client.
  19. Febilian

    Febilian Cosmic Narwhal

    Wait, you just said that it needs to be installed on both server and client, didn't you? Now you're saying that the server does not need it.

    I understand that it wouldn't work if it was only installed on the server; my issue was that it wasn't working properly if it was only installed on the client and I did not know if that was intended based on the "clientside" term. Past experience with other games did not lead me to believe that a music mod would be required on a server to function clientside; this is where I was confused about the "clientside mod" part. Typically I've found that "clientside" means that it will function regardless of whether it is on a server you're playing on or not. I didn't realize before that Starbound requires the worldgen/planet gen itself to get involved in what music tracks play when you play.

    I'm not trying to look stupid or pick a fight, I just think that there was a misunderstanding over what "clientside" means to each of us.
  20. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    No, I think we have crossed lines.

    I thought you were asking if, installed on a server, you could hear FM tracks without *yourself* having downloaded it. My bad.

    Yes, you can use it just on your own end. Sorry about the confusion. Been a heck of a weekend, and I've been dousing painkillers like mad.

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