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Server Help Frienda cant connect to my server but i can

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by DamageSource, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. DamageSource

    DamageSource Yeah, You!

    Edit: I snapped. I DMZ'd my modem, opened up dozens of ports, booted every device off my network and I was finally able to connect. I spent over 18 hours trying to get it to work and I'm letting anyone know now, I have no idea what I did to cause it to work. The game now vs when I originally started the server somehow doesn't work the same and I'm just exhausted. Sorry.

    Hey guys I got a windows server and have been running my own games off of it and Starbound seems to be the only game my friends can not connect to. here's my story:

    • IPv4 address is set to static
    • port-forwarded 21025
    • **I can connect to the external IP on my HOME network where the server is located but my friends can not**
    • The game and server versions match
    • All Starbound apps allowed through firewall.
    Anyone on my home network can connect via Public IP address. I have attached a friends log for when he starts up his game and tries to connect to me. I used to run this server all the time and now no one can connect to it. My other servers (KF2, Minecraft, GarrysMod etc.) all have 0 issues when friends connect to them.

    For the love of everything please help. We have so much time spent on this server and I paid a lot of money to buy the server so I could keep it running 24/7...
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