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    Dear Chucklefish,

    I write to give some feedback on my short campaign, which I did last evening. I will start with stating that I have witnessed many battles in my 30 years of gaming life. I have stormed the enemy in Chivalry Medieval Warfare. I have participated in many battles in the Total War series. I have witnessed the charges of Vikings, huns, barbarians, samurai and Spartans. Later I have seen the orkish Waaagh, the charges of trolls, dragons and giants. I have seen many clashes with lots of battleshouts. But I speak honestly by saying that nothings warms my heart more than the Cherrystone infantry’s battleshout “Ye-heea!”! That alone is worth a track in the OST of the game! It’s like they are not only charging, they are giving a hearty cheers with beer mugs in their hands. I love it so much!

    So in short: You have once again created a wonderful, charming, quality game! Thank You!

    I wish you a wonderful Wargroove launch celebration and I wish you a feast, worthy of a Cherrystone soldiers’ cheers!



    P.S. I am sorry for mentioning other gaming brands in your forums. If it violates the rules, moderators, please inform me, and I will edit the content of my feedback.
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      I thought the same as well I'm hours into the game but I don't turn the animations off since they are so adorable. It never gets old.
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