Friendship possible Glitches?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mika134, Jun 15, 2018.

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    So a few weeks ago I jumped back onto my old Stardew file, all seemed pretty normal. I finished the community center, married Leah and had a kid. Decided all really left to do was befriend the villagers. And most have been straight forward but there's a few weird things.

    Wizard was on 1 heard. I gave him one of those void essence things he loves on his birthday, and suddenly his hearts were 7 like immediately. So he must like, really really love those things.
    Could someone else try this and see if it works for you?

    Abi won't accept my gifts and it's been nearly a month in game, it says I've already given her 2 gifts but in the friend chart thing on the menu both boxes have been empty for a really long time. I've gotten her up to 2 hearts just by talking to her but it would be so much easier if I could give her things.

    I gave Elliot gifts for 5 days straight until it said I'd reached the 2 per week limit, then literally the next day I could give them him again. I've only just started befriending Elliot with crab cakes so not sure if this is going to keep going or not. No complaints here as it's making the process way easier lol.

    Everyone else in the village is normal though. But just wondering, how do you give gifts to gunther?
    Thank you!
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      Most of these look like bugs. Birthday presents can increase friendship by at most 4 hearts (if they're gold or iridium quality loved gifts and you were already close to the next heart level). You can normally give 2 gifts per week (except you can give a birthday present even if you've already given your 2 gifts), but others have reported bugs with this.

      Gunther is functioning properly, however; you can't befriend Gunther (or Marlon, Gil, Morris, Mr. Qi, or several other NPCs). Basically, if someone whom you've already met isn't on your friendship list at all, he's not befriendable.

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