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    Hey everyone! I've been fooling around with sprites for Stardew and wanted to share some of my resources with you all for whatever use you may have. All of these materials can be used freely and I don't really feel I need any credit.

    These are little sets of things - either individual items pulled from tilesets you can't usually use (i.e. bathhouse things, if you want to use them as a resource for, say, Custom Furniture), edits of things from the default tilesets (shelves and the like made blank for adding things to) or customs.

    I am unsure how often I'll update this, but I already have a few things prepared for you!

    Also found on my Pixiv!




    More coming soon!
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    • frootzcat

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      Reserving this spot just in case for updates!
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        I thought that the labels went with the sprites below them, so I was looking at the desert sprites thinking "Uh... I don't remember seeing these with my chickens..." :facepalm:


        You could totally recreate the interior of Blossom's general store in Rune Factory 4 with some of these... Too bad I don't have a clue on how to do that sort of thing other than tossing things into a corner of my SMAPI mods' folder and replacing .xnb files that I end up forgetting to back up (and not realizing it until after I replaced them. Fun times).
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          Yeah, I'm not good with the actual modding process but love tinkering with the art. Figured I might as well put these things up in case someone with talent can find a use for them!
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            Are you still making the MOD?

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