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Discussion in 'Support' started by LordLinan, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. LordLinan

    LordLinan Space Hobo

    (SWITCH VERSION) So I could not find a post about this... so I got knocked out in skull caverns the previous day and requested item recovery for my dark sword, then slept, and then the next day on Fall Wednesday 3rd, I tended to my chickens and ducks, went and claimed my dark sword that I use for life steal from the mail, moved it from slot 9 to slot 12, as my slot 1 is lava katana so I swap over for lifesteal... I did this whilst holding my scythe, and after I moved my dark sword I closed the inventory GUI and then.... softlock... I was facing away from the screen at the time (looking up), but I can see the scythe blade above my head, so I’m not sure if I somehow blocked (parried?) using my dark sword from my inventory and then the scythe blocked.... idk... when you block/parry with sword the scythe also gets the red cool down thing, but also I don’t see that red cool down. The time is still ticking on the clock, I cannot move, change hot bar items, or open any other GUIs, however, I can move the cursor with right joystick, although I cannot do anything with it. This happened about 2-3 tiles in front of my mailbox and 0-1 tiles to the left of it, so almost in front of my house door... idk if all those details will help but I know some bugs in other games require really strange windups.

    If the video works, I warn that you leave volume off as my iPod Mic is broken and makes a strange static sound.

    What do

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