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    Frutemimus gelus ("Bush Mimic")
    See that bush over there?'s not a bush. Go ahead, pick those berries. I'm not paying your medical bills...

    Fruzzbites are creatures of the more colder biomes, sporting the uncanny appearance of berry bush. What this illusion hides is the brutal fangs hidden under that leafy moustache. What makes this worse is the fact that the fangs are made of solid ice. Talk about a chilling bite, eh? The 'leaves' on the body are actually a layer of fur well adapted for the cold weather Fruzzbites thrive in.

    The metabolism rates of a Fruzzbite are fairly low, meaning they can wait days on end for a meal if necessary. Masters of patience, snowfall often collects on the top of their heads while they wait for unwary herbivores to try and snack on their 'leaves'. This only adds more to the illusion that the creature resembles an actual bush. The berries hanging on their sides like ornaments are not for consumption, nor did they grow there. Fruzzbites are strictly carnivorous, and only collect these berries from surrounding plants to use as bait. How they managed to do so without any visible limbs is a mystery on its own merit.

    So, how does one avoid the jaws of a starved Fruzzbite? Simple. While exploring the cold tundra, watch the bushes carefully. While Fruzzbites are masters of disguise, they have one fatal design error: Their teeth. Their fuzzy moustaches can only cover so much, as these icicle-like teeth are a dead giveaway. As such, ranged combat is the best way to avoid any confrontations with these monsters. Their teeth is surprisingly durable, comparable to the characteristics of permafrost. These teeth can be used for some ice-based weaponry, or if you're a practical joker, extremely cold ice cubes. The leafy fur is actually a great material for winter gear, protecting the wearer from the cold weather. Now the only question remains...did you pick the right bush?
  2. Uncleleroy

    Uncleleroy Subatomic Cosmonaut

  3. Agrias

    Agrias Space Penguin Leader

    Oh my goodness.

    These and the drakes. [and the everything else]

    It doesn't get anymore legitimate.
  4. Zeklo

    Zeklo Heliosphere

    I was thinking of doing a creature like this of some sorts, so thats good. I love dem so fuzzy!
  5. Bobot The Robot

    Bobot The Robot Space Spelunker

    Dang man, you are FULL of ideas, I really like your work, and hope the dev's take notice!
  6. jackalope

    jackalope Big Damn Hero

    Somehow, it's adorable! I wanna tame a bunch and set them up around the perimeter of my base to keep out trespassers.;)

    Can't wait for the sprites!
  7. Kint

    Kint Star Wrangler

    Another awesome idea! :up: How do you keep coming up with creatures like this on a regular basis?!
    Off Topic: During the winter holiday season, I'm going to get some decorative lights and hang some on these guys!:rainbow:
  8. nelsolla

    nelsolla Big Damn Hero

    This is a good one, any good loot it could have?
    maybe the teeth? leaves?
  9. Kint

    Kint Star Wrangler

    If I were to take a guess, I'd say both.
  10. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    Yet again a amazing idea from dragonith! where do you come up with all these ideas and what program do you use? for both the pics and the sprites?
  11. Ah, they just come to me randomly is all. ^^;

    @Off-Topic: Just be careful. Wouldn't want something like this decking your halls, if ya catch my drift. xP
    Correct. Mentioned it in the description actually lol.
    I use Photoshop+SAI for my work. And as I mentioned, it's spontaneous lol. :)
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  12. Fantastic Mr. Legion

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    Oh my lord...
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  13. Sensational

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    You should be workign somewhere already :speechless:.
  14. GunmanRex

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    You know it would happn,
  15. biocreature(Fr)

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    Cool ;) and i love the sprite, good job!
  16. EarthNature

    EarthNature Starship Captain

    I like the sprite and the idea, They also seem kind of cute. Maybe if you kill one, since the berry's are real, you get berries anyway, plus anything the mob might drop.
  17. All I hear is the snover call going "Ijiwij!" over and over in my head.
    You've made so many of these awesome things, I would really like to know if the devs are going to put some in!
  18. Sykes

    Sykes Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Awww! It's so cute!! I'd make that my pet :3
  19. Bamseper

    Bamseper Ketchup Robot

    I can definetely see myself getting killed by these guys... Also, at first it thought the berries were its eyes xD
  20. That'd be freaky. xD

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