Functional Colony Design, Colony that need resources and need to build & assign jobs to fulfill it

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    I've been a fan of build sim and rpg, and terraria, starbound, and Fallout 4 have been my go to game for it. As i not only build but also walk around, interact with things i build, and wreak havoc by killing random things

    But there is one major difference between Starbound and Fallout and it is why i recently spend more time on Fallout 4 than starbound, namely the "Colony needs" system that fallout 4 have. See, in building colony or town in Fallout, you need to fill in your villagers/colonist need. It vary from foods, defenses, beds and some other stuff. And the best of it, not only you need to build things to adhere to those needs and you also have to organize your colonist so the colony itself able to produce things it need.

    It's damn satisfying to see not just a pretty designed colony but also a functional organic colony. Seeing the villagers farms in the morning or villagers seemingly run cafeteria as other villagers spend their "break time" by eating out in the said cafeteria is again, Damn Satisfying.
    Surely this option will limit the creativity on builds as it will create new parameter to adhere, but no matter how beautiful or sprawling colony i build in starbound, it felt empty....
    Surely there is limited roaming ai for colonist or job based colonist, but its just cosmetics. It's doesn't do much.

    The things is, i made thread about my love to build colony a while ago and the admin responded with "farmer colonist ai" and the like is under construction. I genuinely can't wait to see it~!
    but quite literallly over a year later, i've yet to see such things and it's heartbreaking.
    That promise cause a "want to build colony" itch and yet it currently being scratched by Fallout, not starbound.
    As i understand that Starbound team is currently focus on building its Quest system, but please please please... fulfill that advanced colonist ai promise.
    Surely there are more than just me looking forward to it or even perhaps not knowingly want such system to step up their colony building game.
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