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  1. Krystedez

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    Hey guys,

    So this is just a stand alone mod for Anthro Farmer Continued made by LackeDragon/rainrtw! It makes the character a generic furry canine at the moment, and has no dependencies other than Content Patcher at this time.

    Credit goes to LackeDragon for his hand in creating the wolf/cat base I used to create this stand-in for anthro farmer emersion. I made the tail, edited the hairstyles, made a new hairstyle, and stylized the head a bit differently. You're free to download and use but please keep in mind the following;

    1.) It is imperative that you ask me or LackeDragon for permission if you intend on editing this and reuploading it. If you want to edit it for your personal use that's fine. We'd rather all of the current, new updates to this be in one or two spots and that's here and the nexusmod page here

    2.) This is a simple change that doesn't meet the same expectations as the full mod (multiple species, more color for "skin/fur"... Don't expect all species or anything quite quickly or at all, but I plan on working on that as time allows with Lacke if possible <3

    3.) This thread will be my splash page for updates / bug concerns. Hopefully there won't be many and since this mod has no external mod dependencies I won't need to troubleshoot compatibility with other non-player-editting mods :)

    So, enjoy, and please let us know what you think. I'm still keeping up to date on CP for ACC (Anthro Characters Continued).

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    • Swiftpaw22

      Swiftpaw22 Phantasmal Quasar

      Thanks so much for posting this player mod here! <3

      1. Never mind, of course all the different player styling options work fine in same screen co-op mode! Different computers should work too as long as they have the same mod(s) installed. If additional species get added to the player styling options, those should work fine as well, and the only issue there will be trying to match up the correct "skin = species" options to the correct "hair = fur/tail/ears" options, if you decide to put the different species into those styling selector options. Something similar to how AF does it:

      For canines:
      ...select Hairstyles: 1-32 Face: 1-2 Nose: 1Pants 1-9, 12 Shoe: 1-3


      The original file overwriting mod by LackeDragon method, overwriting the player's files for each different species you chose, would turn everyone in multiplayer into the same species, so you can't use that method if you want multiplayer to work correctly.

      2. You wouldn't be open to commissions for species, would you? Totally understandable if not and/or if you're not interested in doing any particular species or even working on this, but if you are interested, I'd love to help support development of more species for the player. Specifically, I was interested in commissioning a panda. Plus I don't think I've ever seen a bear player character before, and you could easily have pandas, brown, polar, and black bear color palette if desired once you had the bear shape. I'm a wolf, but one of my mates is a panda, so that's why I ask. ^n.n^
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      • Swiftpaw22

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        Also, if there is some way you can explain how to convert Rain's mod with all those species and add them as style selection options to your mod so that they'll all be there at least, and can be updated later if desired, I would totally love to help out with the modding if I could. ^n.n^

        I know you made your own art alterations, but I just figure it might not hurt to have Rain's species and art as options as well so that it's all playable with SV v1.5. Perhaps you could leave out Rain's canine if you feel your canine is better done. I like it so far! Haven't played too much and compared, but it's great so far! Thanks for the work! <3

        Time for some sweet lovin' yiffin's!

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        • Swiftpaw22

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          Uh oh, looks like Anthro Farmer Continued (Rain's mod) is loading only the farmer base files that you tell it to load depending on the species you want. So you can't select the base species from the game styling options menu, but rather only the "accessories" that go with the base species. This explains why that mod didn't work with multiplayer games where different players choose different species.

          Okay, that confirms it. That's the reason why Anthro Farmer Recontinued uses Get Glam, because then you can have the species bases and everything else that goes with them be selectable in-game, and that way it will be multiplayer compatible. So that's why Get Glam was important. ^>.<^

          Your mod as it stands now is perfectly fine for us wolves, even in multiplayer, but for those of us who want to have multiplayer compatibility with other species that use different farmer bases, it looks like we're going to have to use GetGlam or other such mods that allow the farmer base to be multiplayer friendly.
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          • Swiftpaw22

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            For anyone else trying to get player mods working, I just got Get Glam 1.1.0 and AFR working with SV v1.5, but am seeing this weird legs bug.

            I'm looking into how to make this Furry Farmer mod GetGlam-compatible which will allow it to be multiplayer friendly. Looks easy enough to do! ^n.n^
            • Swiftpaw22

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              Krystedez, I've packaged your Furry Farmer mod as a Get Glam mod so that it should work in multiplayer games and can even be used alongside AFR. The only thing I didn't do here is include your second hairstyles file as I wasn't sure if the second one would be picked up or not, and I didn't want to try to append the 2nd onto the bottom of the 1st (do PNG files have the option to be lossless? I didn't want to re-encode them). So for now, it just has the 56 styles from the 1st one.

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              • Swiftpaw22

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                I did a test where I grabbed the fox version of LackeDragon's Classic Furry/Anthro Farmer and just tried a simple ( xnb -> png -> file structure of GG mod ) conversion of it, and either it's not fully compatible or there are simply several sprite frames missing that you created when you made yours, because textures are missing when you turn in certain directions, so this is a very BAD MOD, but here's LackeDragon's fox, GG version, so you can change in-game between yours/LackeDragon's wolf/canine as well as LackeDragon's fox using Get Glam. It's a start at least. Or maybe it's not, and it deserves all be redone anyway by you or someone else, but at least the concept is there lol.

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                • azziikko

                  azziikko Space Hobo

                  Thanks so much for this mod! I would call it an essential.

                  I had a small error with this mod interacting with Event Repeater. On the forums it was reported this error was caused by the mod having an error in the .json file. Specifically content.json had an error in the beginning of the file. There is a section `"Changes":` and all the text after this and before the `[` which began the mod were causing it. I fixed this by deleting all text there.

                  Really looking forward to more development on the fur side of Stardew.
                  • Rosekitten

                    Rosekitten Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Just checking in here to see if this was still being worked on for the other options from the original? I've tried to do everything under the sun to make the old re-redone mods work but sadly I'm not versed in why they aren't or what all changed. This process lead me all the way here at the very least.
                    • Sonic Hedgehog

                      Sonic Hedgehog Intergalactic Tourist

                      Can someone please update this mod? I have to use an outdated content Patcher, for it to work, which means a lot of the other CP mods I use, have to be outdated versions
                      • The guy who wanna be guy

                        The guy who wanna be guy Aquatic Astronaut

                        What is your version? Kinda wanna test it too

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