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G-Sentinel: Extraterrestrial Spa! Recruiting new members to roam the universe together!

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Manjaro, Feb 11, 2016.


Really now; how can the Humans and Apex puck my wings if they're already gone?

Poll closed Feb 18, 2016.
  1. Magic.

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  2. Apex Science.... and Magic.

  3. A modest combination of both Human and Apex Magiteck actually.

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  4. Powers they've gained directly from Kluex to punish heresy.

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  5. Trust me, you-..... you don't want to know...

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  6. All answers lie within pie, avian friend. All answer lie within pie.

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  1. Manjaro

    Manjaro Void-Bound Voyager

    Before I explain who and what G-Sentinel is, I feel that I must -within good, Non-Kluex abiding faith- warn you, oh illustrious Space Voyager, that we are unfortunately not some sort of "space fountain bath". Though the idea does appeal to me and has been noted for future investment, that is not what this is about. Yet alas, I am bound by strange Human/Apex legally-binding documentation from their House of Titles known as S.M.B.A(Smart Mammals Business Association) to continue using said title for our Guild(even though I clearly typed "G-Sentinel: Extraterrestrial Space Voyagers" into their registry terminal, and not "G-Sentinel: Extraterrestrial Spa"), or I am to face "legal action", which I'm unfamiliar with but am told will result in them "relieving me of my wings and legs", and sending them to a Human know only as "The Colonel" for proper use." *shudders*

    As much as it puzzles me to peck at the idea of how the Humans and Apex could somehow remove my wings a second time along with my legs, I think that it is for the better than I do not pry on the thought. With that being said and hopefully not deterring you any further, Hello fellow Stargazer! I am Xiuizoltzin, Commander of the Task-force G-Sentinel: E.S.V. or "G-Sent" for short. Before I was self-proclaimed Commander of this growing unit of Star-faring sentient species, I was a mere hunter, following tradition passed down from my father to me. I'd left my home on Avos, barely escaping with my life, chased down like a rabbit to a hawk, as I fled on a stolen spaceship. After some time exploring the strange realms of the universe, I met other Avian who -like me- defied the Stargazers and their acursed ascension rituals and sacrifices and fled to the star. Along with them, I met other bizarre beings who too had lost their home( and some escaped Human criminals, though in my current position, I was not able to point any talons). I enlisted my services to all who would need me and after many trials and challenges, my ship became fully capable of navigating the universe and I adapted my hunting skills to suit my new life amongst the stars. It was then I realized that it is best for one not to travel alone in the emptiness of space. I created G-Sentinel: E.S.V. as an on-call task force ready to not only assist any and all throughout the galaxies, but to explore every tail-feather of the universe with the aid of others who would aid me as brother-in-arms or simply travelling companions.


    Now that I am fully licensed to direct this small but growing crew, I wish to recruit new members to embark on this journey through space(and with more people, I believe I can grow even more boldly curious as to how the S.M.B.A. plan to remove my non-existent wings without strong sense of foreboding). If you are interested in this venture opportunity, I welcome you to come forward and join the ever expanding ranks of G-Sentinel! We welcome a diverse cast of all species and dialects from all over this planet and the next, though I must admit I am not well-versed in them all. However, regardless of our many strange and inhibiting differences, I am certain that with time and patience, the bond we will foster as a Commander and his crew will surely bring us all closer to each other than we are to the stars(both emotionally and physically!). Come friend, and become a member of G-Sentinel: E.S.V. today! And worry not; you needn't fear any false gods when you too soar above the stars.

    Our Steam Group!

    (Again, pay the name no heed. I swear to you on my beak we are not a Spa.)


    Final notes from Manjaro(Xiuizoltzan)!

    I am almost always available for play, so don't be shy or hesitant if you want some company to travel the stars with.
    I will try to get a site going for the group should we gain enough members to warrant it. Keep in mind that this is no guarantee, but I will do what I can.

    We will try to conduct group events and activities to keep players active amongst themselves and the games. Voice Communication will be present for group co-op but is not necessary. In any case, whether you chose to reveal your true voice or not, It's always fun to have some to play with, and who better than an ever-growing crew of space explorers?

    I don't use Hamachi(anymore thankfully) after I've learned the secrets of port-forwarding that were so easy to learn(even though I've failed to do so for about 5 years previously...), but I do understand that others do use Hamachi or simply cannot find out how to port-forward. Fret not, as Port-forwarding doesn't need everyone to do so(only the one running the session). I can however show you how to Port-Forward without the use of your router should you request it of me.

    We do have rules for the Guild listed on the Steam Groups Discussions page. The rules are relatively standard such as no toxic behavior towards fellow group members and so forth, but make sure to read them before you join!

    Finally, I do have mods installed, but I don't install anything that changes anything too crucial to the game(like faster pixel gain, mods that implement tech-like abilities for the player from the start). If we are to use mods in the server, I would rather that they be ones that everyone has or agrees on so no one is confused when you're a race that some can't see(racism breeds blindness), or when you play a song they don't have modded in(because then you just look silly over there playing air-guitar on a real guitar).

    Thank you for reading this post because I you took sweet, precious, possibly mortal time either for better or worst to address you, and you read it all(and if for worst, you'll never get that time spent back; never I am deeply regretful of your loss). Be sure to reply to this transmission either through the Chucklefish Forums through a PM, or you can also reach me by:

    E-mail at Thadd20@hotmail.com

    Steam at Manjarowolf

    The Song of my Village(i'll hear it light-years away) at Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, RIght, Left, Right, A, X, B, Y


    Good Luck, fellow Space Voyagers, and Spread your wings across the stars!
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