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RELEASED Gabe The Dog Instrument (v1.0) 1.69


  1. FlannelDragon

    FlannelDragon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    FlannelDragon submitted a new mod:

    Gabe The Dog Instrument (v1.0) - BARK! BARK, BARK! *SNEEZE*

    Read more about this mod...
  2. fernworrier

    fernworrier Giant Laser Beams

    you made a mod to make a dog insterment?....what would be the strangest song to play with this? *emitely downloads to play nyancat with it.*
  3. Humans

    Humans Void-Bound Voyager

    Where do you find the instrument?
  4. fernworrier

    fernworrier Giant Laser Beams

    in the crafting bench for 69 pixals
  5. FlannelDragon

    FlannelDragon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  6. Dragon_Tom005

    Dragon_Tom005 Existential Complex

    Just the mod I've been needing...
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  7. nuker19

    nuker19 Space Kumquat

  8. Dragon_Tom005

    Dragon_Tom005 Existential Complex

    I couldn't help but notice that the instrument is lacking a little bit. I don't mean like, "This mod it's too small" or anything like that. It's just. The way it sounds... It sounds like there's not enough notes playing, compared to other instruments.
    Either that or they just blend in too much. Idk, maybe they just need more variation...? :unsure:
  9. Strae

    Strae Space Hobo

    how do you spawn it in ?

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