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  1. TeddyBearYoshi

    TeddyBearYoshi Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hello! This is my little comic thingy I've been working on. I know, it's terrible, but it's the best I could do and I have little-to-no experience in this kind of thing. Critique would be appreciated. Move if in incorrect section.

    It's a very cheesy interpretation of what happens when you start the game, I'm aiming to be as close to the lore as possible but making some stretches in order to make it work. The pages are very large so it is recommended to be opened in another tab. ^^

    Thank you for reading. ~<3
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  2. Yzzey

    Yzzey Heliosphere

    I can't really make any judgement or any comments since there's only been one page so far, but I'm looking forward to page 2!
  3. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    Playing Starbound and taking screenshots to create a comic is actually a pretty clever idea. Yes, it would be nice to read more. But like Yongzhi said, this is only page one. And it's really hard to critique with so little to go on.

    It's an assumption on my part, but my first impression is that you haven't written out a complete story plot or script yet. You do have an outline of characters and where this story will go... correct?

    At this point, the only suggestions I can make are:
    * The page is HUGE! My screen resolution is not high, so I had to find a way to shrink it down. Maybe reduce the page size a bit? One thousand pixels wide would be plenty. And some online comics use less.
    * If I shrink the page down to a size that I can see the entire width at once, the text in box one for panel one is so small that it's very hard to read. But all the other text on this page is huge and very easy to read. Next time, don't use a font that's so small. Make the speech balloon or text box bigger, if you have to. Consider how easy or hard it will be for readers to read.

    Also, while I'm not sure how Chucklefish feels about using game screengrabs and turning this into a full-blown webcomic, it would be neat if this could be uploaded to a website all it's own. That'd turn it into a proper webcomic.

    Edit1: If you are having difficulty with the story, plot, and/or characters, perhaps a collaboration would work better? Perhaps you have Starbound-playing friends who could help you with this story? Maybe they could even "guest-star" and play roles in your story? (That is, have your friends dress up in outfits or costumes and play out scenes on a server in multiplayer mode.)

    Collaborative works are a challenge all on their own, because people have their own lives and schedules, and their own ideas of where the story should go, etc. And you'd have to be able to get along well. But, if you can pull it off, I think collaboration can create powerful and impressive works that would be more difficult for an individual to pull off.

    Edit2: If I were writing a Starbound comic, I would pick through the What would you do if you turned into your main starbound character? thread and use it for inspiration. It's an entertaining read, at least, and it's not even a comic. Also, there are threads like Your New Home, Post-Wipe where players show off their amazing homes and stuff they've made. Again, I'd consider it good inspiration.
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  4. rhomboid

    rhomboid 0118 999 881 99 9119 725... 3

    The only thing I have to add is that I think you should make the screencaps different sizes instead of scaling them manually. It looks a lot more professional to not have all different ratios (the main character is all stretchy in some of the panels).
    Other than that, looks good so far, and what Thundercraft said!

    Alternatively, try holding shift when you're scaling something and the ratios will stay the same even when the size changes.
  5. Hwo Thumb

    Hwo Thumb Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    What image program are you using? If you don't have photoshop or if it's just not your thing, I'd highly recommend GIMP. It takes quite a bit of getting used to, but has a wide variety of tools.

    Also, if you say MS Paint, I might throw up a little.
  6. TeddyBearYoshi

    TeddyBearYoshi Subatomic Cosmonaut

    MS Paa-


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