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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Anne890, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Anne890

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    Hey there, I have problem with Stardew Valley, multiplayer. We did the same day for multiple times as every time we went to sleep it will let us out from the game and the game did not save either.
    I put my file here.

    Looking forward for the solution folks? Thanks
    • Mondai

      Mondai Title Not Found

      You could try having all of the farmhands leave when it's time to end the day, wait until the host goes through the end-of-day reports, and then rejoin at the start of the next day. There were plenty of people having this issue early on in beta, especially the night before a festival, that were able to fix it by just having the host finish that one day by themselves, and it was back to normal for the days after. I haven't heard anyone report this particular issue in a while... but it may still work for you.
      • Anne890

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        Thanks @Mondai, Yes we did exactly like you said but on the next day same thing happen. It keep crashing every time we back to bed. It can only be save if the host play alone.

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