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game does not show frames, mouse cursor disappears, frames only update when tabbed out of and back

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by b3l5ry, Mar 20, 2024.

  1. b3l5ry

    b3l5ry Space Hobo

    it appears the mouse actually does click things on the frozen screen but i can not see it until i tab out and back again
    so it is not a crash
    i believe it to be a driver issue because it worked previously
    i tried updating my drivers but it won't work
    before driver update, spore was flickering, starbound was fine. after update spore is fine and starbound is blank.

    i tried setting the applications to open with administrator permissions and in compatibility modes for windows 7 and 8. this is on windows 10.

    this happened before on my windows 8 computer and i figured it was a lost cause because it was so out of date by then. but it's happening again now, and it's the same thing, so maybe if i can learn what's doing it here i can fix it there too.

    i am using mods but that isn't what made the change. i have previously uninstalled all mods and reinstalled the game and it did the same, it seems to be driver based.

    it is the same on 64bit and 32bit.
  2. b3l5ry

    b3l5ry Space Hobo

    i am told this might be an issue between opengl libs and directx, since i used lenovo vantage to update intel hd graphics 4600, but that doesn't explain why it happened before on a different laptop windows 8
  3. b3l5ry

    b3l5ry Space Hobo

    i got it to work. i just had to try every driver in zip form until it did a thing. now i have all my programs working, and the only conflicts i'm getting are ones that think my laptop is too old. blender 3.6 opens, starbound opens, spore still opens, godot 3 opens but it'll probably yell at me in vulkan.

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