Resolved Game looks like it's in 144p

Discussion in 'Support' started by AlyfilhoAlysson14., Jun 4, 2023.

  1. AlyfilhoAlysson14.

    AlyfilhoAlysson14. Space Hobo

    Except for the menus and interfaces, the graphics are in low quality, I changed the resolution of my screen but did'nt help, any thoughts on that?
    • LunarRayGames

      LunarRayGames Developer

      Oh strange! This is definitely has something to do with your graphics device. I'd suggest updating your graphics driver and/or launching the game with a different graphics card if possible.
      • AlyfilhoAlysson14.

        AlyfilhoAlysson14. Space Hobo

        Yeah, the driver is outdated, thanks for the help.
        • Pangaea

          Pangaea Forum Moderator

          Going to mark this as resolved.

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