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Game Mode: Give a little, take a lot.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Battlewrath, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Battlewrath

    Battlewrath Space Hobo

    The concept of the game mode "Give a little, take a lot." simple.

    Your play session introduced negative effects (of which you select at the start of the session, each negative effect is fixed with a fixed boon to go with it.)

    Hot and Cold; You are constantly under the effect of either a Fire debuff (Burning damage)or a Frost debuff (A global slow.), every time you take elemental damage of Frost (Whilst you're on fire.) it puts you into frost, whilst on Frost, if hit by fire, it puts you on fire.
    Reward: Enemies have a chance to drop more lunar coins.

    Blood Donar; You are constantly losing HP%, if you kill an enemy you get a 6-second buff that stops the bleed effect, the longer the buff is up, the more damage you will take the next time you start to bleed. (IE, the damage % counts up the longer you're buffed.)
    Reward: You carry your gold with you into the next area.

    Guns aren't toys, ya'know: Every time you use an ability, you have a chance for a miss fire, causing self-inflicted damage. (Would scale slowly due for balance.)
    Reward: You periodically receive x2 the items from Terminals or 3D printers. (Indicated when the buff is active with a blue glow under your feet, a 30 second CD on this effect.

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