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Bug/Issue Game performance (Lags)

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Cat_Fuzz, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    Legend has it that even a NASA Computer lags on this game...
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  2. icegriffon

    icegriffon Star Wrangler

    Oh well, we'll wait for the Chinese to put that new quantum computer of theirs into sale...
  3. Rymdkejsaren

    Rymdkejsaren Intergalactic Tourist

    Yeah, I just started playing and the constant short freezes are really screwing with my experience of an otherwise amazing game. Everywhere I look I see people complaining about it since many years back, and no solutions seem to work. That's a bit sad.
  4. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    Welcome to Starbound, one of the best-would've-been kind o' games...
  5. tigerfestival

    tigerfestival Cosmic Narwhal

    Starbound is poorly optimized, that's why you'll experience framerate drops, poor rendering and entity lag even on the most high end machines. So take it how you will. There are mods that can circumvent some of these issues. Provided you guys play on Steam here they are

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=896717183 (THINK HARD BEFORE USING THIS ONE, ONCE USED YOU CANNOT UNDO UNLESS YOU UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL!!!)

    I hope these mods can be of use to you guys or anyone reading this thread for that matter. Good luck.
  6. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    This is a lot o' mods...
    > .>ll

    I kinda gave up long ago but it won't hurt to try one last time won't it?
  7. tigerfestival

    tigerfestival Cosmic Narwhal

    It won't, I also use most of them, except the bottom one, the bottom one is only a last resort if anything, because that one's irreversible unless you're willing to uninstall then reinstall starbound. But truth be told, yes performance has improved somewhat using these mods. Don't expect perfect 60FPS and perfect rendering with all of these mods, but these mods CAN make the performance problems more bearable.
  8. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    Gotta love the stable fps that slowly turns to a number I can count with my fingers after around 30 mins...
    Dam- memory keeps rising up til' my PC explodes...
  9. westpill

    westpill Space Hobo

    Starbound is lagging always, it's usually 20 FPS or lower. I have like 10 mods installed and I thought that they are causing my problems, but it was hardly believable because of game's system requirements. So i checked the cpu and gpu load and cpu was loaded by 20-30% and gpu 10-20%.
    My system:
    Intel Core I5 10210U
    GeForce MX 230
    8 RAM

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